Logos, Styleguides, and Templates

Logos and Styleguides

Do you need a high resolution logo file for your project or publication or a lower resolution logo for web? You can download any of the files below for your own use. We can help you choose the right one for your needs. Send us an email and we will be happy to help.


Visit the central Tufts Communications website to download the official lockups/logos for Tufts University, the Friedman School and the HNRCA. Please note that you must get permission to use these logos on external communications, promotional products, and when co-branding for events outside of Tufts. 

Style Guides

Tufts University has its own style guide and visual identity guide. Friedman also has its own editorial guide that helps guide how to reference the school properly in any written form. View or download the guides below. If you need any help or guidance in using the guides, please contact us for help.


We have a few templates available for you to use. If you need a custom template for a special event, or want to request another template you need please let us know. Advance warning is always helpful!

Issues with the Website

Did you find a bug? Is something not working the way it should on our site? We want to know! Contact us with any issues you come across and we will investigate.