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Here at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy we have a team that is happy to assist with your communications and web development needs. If we can't help you build something, we will try our best to help connect you with the right people for the job. We provide resources like templates and logos as well as support for writing and imagery. Using the open source Drupal CMS, we manage and support a suite of sites for the Friedman community, including the main school site, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, Feinstein International Center, The Feed the Future Nutrition Innovation Lab, INDDEX, IANDA, REFINE, FORCE, and many more to come!

Sponsored Research and Affiliated Sites

Do you have a grant project where you need web help or knowledge dissemination help? Make sure you contact our Director of Sponsored Research Administration, Seedang Simonin if you are writing any web or communications activities into your project. She will work with our team to help determine the appropriate level of support we can provide to you. If we can't help you, we can help you find someone who can.

For projects outside of the scope of the school, Tufts University has a central digital communications team that handles requests for sites living directly under the tufts.edu domain and for the central Tufts social media and websites (as opposed to our nutrition.tufts.edu realm). If you are not sure who should be contacted, please start with us first, and we can help you get to the right place.

Logos, Templates, Styleguides

On our logos and templates page, we provide you with the correct school logos and have made some starter templates for presentations and documents. You'll also find helpful Tufts University visual guidelines (e.g. colors, fonts, branding) and editorial styleguides (e.g. how to refer to the school, best-practices for writing about the school). Are you an editor for this site and need some help creating or editing content? Visit our Friedman web styleguide.

Images, Photography, Audio, Video

  • Need an image of the school, a faculty member, or any another image?
    Don't just right-click and save from Google Images! We have an account with a stock photography service called Deposit Photos, please feel free to search and browse or ask for our advice on any image choice. Send us the link and we can make the purchase for you and send you the file. Contact us for more details. You can also search Flickr pools and Wikimedia to find images with the right Creative Commons license for use in your project.
  • Need to use a camera?
    We have a Canon Rebel DSLR you can use for on-campus projects. Since it is our only camera, we can't let it roam too far, but you are welcome to request it by contacting Sarah Cronin. You may also check equipment out from the Tisch Library on the Medford campus and can make great use of the Digital Design Studio, also at Tisch Library.
  • Need videos and editing?
    We don't have full video-editing capacity in-house at the moment, but could help you find avenues for hiring a Tufts videographer or an outside contractor. Our ReadyCam studio can capture video of one or two people talking while sitting in front of the backdrop, but the post-production editing would be up to you. Seeking to create content for your online courses? Contact Patrick Connell if you need to create video for online class purposes.
  • Need audio recording equipment?
    We have a Blue Yeti Pro USB and XLR Microphone for easy and quality recording. Create a podcast, an audio track, or use to record audio for an interview in the soundproof studio.

Online Guides / Tutorials

Best Practices for Content Editors

A "Content Editor" is anyone that creates or edits content anywhere on nutrition.tufts.edu. These best practices should be reviewed periodically by all Content Editors. View our Best Practices for Content Editors.

Looking to submit an event to our calendar? Head over here. 


Looking for optimal image dimensions for the Friedman website? Visit our Friedman image dimensions guide.

Contact Us

Don't see what you need? Request it and we'll do our best to help you out.

Annie DeVane, Director of Communications & Web Strategies

Annie is responsible for major content strategies, planning the Friedman web landscape, and strategic communications planning for the school. Annie is experienced in building with Drupal and serves on Tufts' Strategic Communications Council. 

Contact Annie

P: (617) 636-6972

Sarah Cronin, Senior Communications Specialist

Sarah creates the majority of the content (writing, illustrations, general design) seen on our website and other channels and also runs the main Friedman School social media accounts. She holds one-on-one consultations with any Friedman School member who needs help effectively using social media to promote and communicate their research to the public.

Contact Sarah

P: (617) 636-3718

Nick Russell, Senior Web Developer

Nick creates and cares for all of the Friedman websites both front-end and back. He will hold one-on-one consultations with Friedman School members to determine the digital needs for projects. The majority of the Friedman sites are run on the Drupal CMS.

Contact Nick

P: (617) 636-3433