Service Scholars Program

Volunteers pack CSA boxes for the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
Volunteers pack CSA boxes for the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, born from the Friedman School's Agriculture, Food, and Environment program. The New Entry project encourages healthy communities through active participation in the local farming environment.

The goal of the service scholarship program is to attract prospective students with service backgrounds, establish a larger community of service-oriented students within the Friedman School, and to encourage high-level careers in service and leadership after graduation.

One of Tufts University's core themes is to help create global leaders who can make an impact in society, and here at the Friedman School we are committed to weaving the philosophy of creating and enabling leaders directly into the fabric of our school. From admissions to graduation, from scholarships to careers, we support students who are dedicated to being scholars in the service of transforming our food systems and promoting public health on a global scale.

The Service Scholars Program recognizes and honors students with service backgrounds by providing scholarship support to match or exceed (up to a full scholarship) the educational stipends earned by participation in most service programs.  To foster professional development we offer training in leadership skills and community building, and opportunities to lead School-wide service efforts in the Boston area.

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