Overview: Friedman Students (2006 - Present)

  • If you are a 2006-Present Friedman Alumnus or Alumna, or a currently enrolled Friedman student, you may download to your computer an Unofficial Transcript as a PDF document by logging into SIS and selecting the Unofficial Transcript option (see more detailed instructions below). 
  • You may also select the Official Transcript option when you are logged into SIS (see more detailed instructions below). Note: Official Transcripts are not available electronically as PDF documents and are only available in hard-copy form and sealed in an envelope.
  • Additionally, you will see in SIS that you may indicate if you plan to pick-up your Official Transcript in-person from Friedman's Office of Student Affaris (Jaharis Building, 1st Floor) or have it mailed to a specific third-party location.
  • Students may request as many Official Tanscripts as needed at no charge.
  • If you do not remember your Tufts Username and/or Password (which is needed to log into SIS), go to

How to Download Your Unofficial Transcript via SIS

  • Your Unofficial Transcript cannot be used for official purposes, however, it can be a valuable tool for reference as it lists your class history, credits, and grades.
  • After you log into SIS, click the Academics tab (located at the top navigation bar) and select from the drop down the Unofficial Transcript option in order to independently download your Unofficial Transcript as a PDF document directly to your computer desktop.

How to Request an Official Transcript via SIS

  • After you log into SIS, click the Academics tab (located at the top navigation bar) and select from the drop down the Official Transcript option.
  • You will be prompted to indciate the address details if you are requesting that the Official Transcript be mailed to a third-party location or to indicate if you would like to pick-up your Official Transcript in-person (from Friedman's Office of Student Affairs, Jaharis Building, 1st Floor).
  • Please note the turnaround time for an Official Transcript request via SIS is approximately 3-4 business days.  If you have a time-sensitive deadline, please complete your request via SIS and also email or visit Jaharis Room 129 and provide details about the request that you submitted via SIS and your time-sensitive situation; we will do our best (if possible) to accommodate your time-sensitive request.

Friedman Alumni Pre-2006

  • If you are a Friedman Alumnus or Alumna and graduated prior to 2006, please download, print, and submit this transcript request form. The form must be signed with your hand-written signature (we do not accept e-signatures) and may be submitted by email at, or fax (617-636-3600), or by mail (Friedman's Office of Student Affairs, 150 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111). Please note that this transcript form is only for Friedman Alumni who graduated prior to 2006.
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