Please log in to SIS at and enroll in your Fall 2018 courses.

PhD students must enroll in a continuation course (NUTR 0399 if you did not yet pass your Qualifying Exam or NUTR 0403 if you passed your Qualifying Exam).  If you do not enroll in either of these courses a late registration fee will automatically be posted to your account in SIS and your loan deferments may be impacted.

If you do NOT have access to enroll via SIS in Friedman courses for Fall 2018 (because you will be at your other Tufts School), you will now use the online Cross-Registration feature in SIS (the instructor and Host Registrar approvals are bypassed for dual-degree students in this process). Your "Home" Registrar will receive notification of your request via SIS and will process your course enrollment in SIS (or add you to a waitlist if a course is at capacity). Log in to SIS, go to the top navigation tab titled, “Classes” and select “Cross-Registration” from the drop-down filter and select the courses you need and submit. Click here to review the step-by-step instructions with screenshots

A new Directed Study Course Proposal Form is now available; click here for Form.  The Add Deadline to submit the Directed Study Course Proposal Form to is September 18, 2018 so the course can be manually added to your Fall 2018 schedule in SIS.  

International Graduate students need to enroll Full-Time each semester; full-time is defined as a minimum of three courses (9 semester hour units) per semester. For more detailed information, please visit the Tufts International Center website:

Fall 2018 semester tuition and semester fees were due August 3. To avoid a late fee, tuition and semester fees must be remitted in advance of the first day of class (September 4).

Note: If you have a Hold on your account in SIS from the Tufts Health Sciences Bursar's Office or SAHA, you will NOT be able to register via SIS. You'll need to contact the the Bursar’s Office or Lucia Fenney at SAHA directly to resolve the Hold so they may remove it from your account and you'll be able to register via SIS. Also, if you have a Local Address Hold on your account, click here for instructions with screen shots how to independently remove this type of Hold.

Good news! You no longer need to complete a paper cross-registration petition form if you want to cross-register for a Tufts Graduate-Level course (with a course number of 100 or higher)! The Tufts Cross-Registration process is now online in SIS (only for Tufts courses and NOT for HSPH or Boston Consortium courses). To submit a Cross-Registration Request, log in to SIS, go to the top navigation tab titled, “Classes” and select “Cross-Registration” from the drop-down filter. Click here to review the step-by-step instructions with screenshots

Important to Note: If you already submitted a Friedman paper cross-registration petition form with the instructor’s approval, you will need to resubmit your request online via SIS so the instructor can re-approve your request in SIS and the Tufts Host School’s Registrar can approve the request in SIS. Once the Tufts Host School’s Registrar approves the request, Friedman’s Registrar is notified and will be able to add the course to your schedule in SIS.

If you are interested in cross-registration courses at HSPH or Boston Consortium Schools, click here for detailed instructions.


- Log in to SIS at

- Click, Classes, located on the top navigation bar and select, Enrollment Cart.

- Read the Registration Agreement and check the box, “Yes, I have read the agreement” and click, Submit.

- Click the Go to Search Page button on the top right side of the Enrollment Cart page and on the Search for Classes page there are two ways to add a course to your Enrollment Cart:

  • Quick Search (one way to enroll via SIS):
    • Click, Select a Term for the semester choice and enter the five-digit SIS Class Number (you can see in advance the SIS Class Numbers in the Course Catalog of Friedman’s website and on the Fall 2018 Schedule PDF document).
    • Double click the section and time and click, Next, and the course will be added to your Enrollment Cart.
  • Class Search (another way to enroll via SIS):
    • Switch the Course Career field to Friedman School, select the term, and click NUTR – Nutrition in the Course Subject field. You can click, Search and review all of the NUTR courses, or you can filter further and use the Course Number field to select the course number of the course you want to add and click, Search.  You can review the course description, pre-requisites, and click, Add to Cart, to move the course to your Enrollment Cart.

- Be sure to click, the Enroll button, and the Finish Enrolling button to move the course from your Enrollment Cart to official enrollment in the course; you’ll see a Success message and green check once you’ve been officially enrolled in the course.

- To review screen shots of How to Enroll in SIS instructions, click here.  

- Click here for: Registration Tips PowerPoint Presentation (from previous Orientation session)


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