Candidates for Graduation - Fall 2018 (February 2019)

If you are planning to graduate in Fall 2018 (February 2019), below is detailed information about the academic process to Apply for Graduation and the required Graduation Checkout steps that you need to complete by the associated deadline noted below.


- Apply to Graduate in SIS, Enter Your Diploma Name in SIS and Enter Your Diploma Mailing Address in SIS
NOTE: If you don't add a name type specifically as Diploma, your name will be listed as blank when we run a list to submit to the Diploma publisher.

- Dual Degree students (MS/MALD, MS/MA (UEP), MS/MPH) should apply for graduation in SIS for both degrees.


- Fill out your Friedman Degree Requirements Worksheet for the class year that you started your program at Friedman (indicate "TBD" in the Grade column of your Worksheet for the courses you are currently enrolled in for Fall 2018 and "E" for an approved Exemption from a course or requirement).
- Obtain approval signatures on the Worksheet from your Academic Advisor, Division Chair/Program Director/Thesis Chair and submit to 

NOTE: If you do not see on your unofficial transcript your approved Exemption listed at the bottom, or your approved Specialization (only AFE, BMN, and FPAN students) or your approved transfer of credit, please complete the appropriate forms listed below and obtain the necessary approvals and submit to

​DUAL-DEGREE STUDENTS: Please complete and submit the applicable dual-degree form to with your completed/approved Friedman Degree Requirement Worksheet:


If you are a BMN, NEPI, or MNSP student, please be sure to submit to your CITI Completion PDF so this fulfilled degree requirement may be added to your academic record in SIS:


Complete ALL of these online forms:

  • Qualtrics Online Survey to enter information for the Office of Alumni Relations
  • Qualtrics Online Survey to enter how to pronounce your name when announced at Commencement
  • Dean Saltzman will distribute the Exit Survey to graduating students at the end of the semester; it is a Graduation Checkout requirement.

Share With Us!

All graduating students are invited to share their Directed Study Courses, Self-Designed Specialization Topics, and Cross-Registered Courses (and comments) through the online Qualtrics forms below—leave a little bit of your legacy behind for Friedman students following in your footsteps as they navigate toward graduation too!


Click here for the PhD Graduation Checklist and next steps to complete for graduation


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