Process and Policies

Friedman School students may cross-register in Graduate-Level courses (at Tufts, with a course number of 100 or higher) offered at Tufts University, and at the Boston Consortium Schools (which includes, Boston University, Brandeis University, and Boston College, as well as at the Harvard School of Public Health. In rare cases, an additional fee may be charged by the school offering the course; the student is responsible for this cost. To review Tufts University courses' descriptions and scheduling information, visit SIS at; you don’t need to login, just click on the Class Search option and use the filters to search and review courses that you potentially would like to take as a cross-registrant. 

CROSS-REGISTRATION - Fall 2018:  Friedman’s Cross-Registration partners (Tufts, Boston Consortium, and Harvard School of Public Health) will begin collecting Friedman's Cross-Registration Petitions the first day of Fall 2018 classes unless otherwise specified by the Host School (Host Schools may not follow the same Academic Calendar as Friedman).

How to Cross-Register for a Course Outside the Friedman School

  • A Friedman student must submit to the non-Friedman School Friedman's Cross-Registration Petition signed by Friedman's Registrar.The Cross-Registration Petition also requires the signature of the course instructor and then needs to be submitted to the Registrar's Office of the school or university where the course is offered (referred to as the "Host School Registrar").  
  • If the Host School Registrar approves your submitted Friedman Cross-Registration Petition (with the required Friedman Registrar's signature and course instructor's signature), then the Host School Registrar will either notify Friedman's Registrar's Office to add the cross-registered course to your schedule in SIS and to your Friedman transcript OR they may sign your Friedman Cross-Registration Petition and then you will need to bring the Petition back to Friedman's Registrar's Office to process your cross-registration officially via SIS so it appears in your course schedule and on your transcript.  
  • The Host School Registrar will typically be able to approve your Cross-Registration Petition if you have the instructor's approval, fulfilled the course's prerequisites and the course has an available seat for a Friedman student (priority is obviously given to the Host School's students).  Keep in mind, just because a physical seat may be available in a classroom, a course may have limits on the number of students allowed to be enrolled based on the pedagogical set-up of the course by the instructor.  
  • Please note that many schools may not accept the submission of your Friedman Cross-Registration Petition until the first day of the school's term.  Additionally, please be sure to submit your completed Friedman Cross-Registration Petition in-person to the Host School's Registrar's Office; and kindly do not burden our school partners with printing out your petition or an instructor's email if the Host School accepts an email approval in lieu of an instructor's handwritten signature on the Petition (this needs to be checked in advance with the Host School since they may require the signature).
  • Friedman has a cross-registration partnership with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Friedman does NOT have a cross-registration partnershp with any other Harvard school.  
    - Please review HSPH's cross-registration policies here:  
    - Please review the specific instructions you need to follow to pursue cross-registration into an HSPH course:
  • If you are approved by HSPH to enroll in one of their courses for Summer 2018 and beyond, please keep in mind the credits conversion below which reflects the quantity of semester hour units (SHUs) that the course will be on your Friedman transcript:
    - HSPH courses that are 1.25 credits are equivalent to .75 semester hour units at Friedman.
    - HSPH courses that are 2.5 credits are equivalent to 1.5 semester hour units at Friedman.
    - HSPH courses that are 5.0 credits are equivalent to 3.0 semester hour units at Friedman. 

Important to Note

  • The Academic Calendar, add/drop deadlines, and start and end dates of courses at other Tufts schools or Universities are frequently different from the Friedman School Academic Calendar. It is the responsibility of the Friedman student to obtain this information and adhere to these schedules and deadlines.
  • Students enrolled in any Friedman School master’s degree program may apply no more than four course credits toward the fulfillment of their degree requirements from a non-Tufts school.
  • Courses taken at Tufts University schools do not count toward the four course credits limit referenced above. 
  • Limits on cross-registration do not apply to students enrolled in the doctoral program.
  • Boston Consortium schools (Brandeis, Boston University, and Boston College) have the right to limit cross-registration to one course per semester; they also have the right to give priority to their own students in classes with limited enrollment.
  • Friedman students in their last semester prior to graduation should make sure that they will receive their formal course grades by the Friedman School deadline. If the final grade will not be received by this date, the instructor of the course should send a written confirmation to the Office of Student Affairs, prior to the deadline, stating that based on the student's work up to that point; the student is expected to pass the course. Otherwise, graduation may be delayed. It is the student's responsibility to request this confirmation from the instructor.
  • Options for taking courses at institutions other than those referenced above may be available upon petition by the student to the Academic Dean for Education of the Friedman School. This is done on a case-by-case basis, and may involve an additional cost to the student.
  • Friedman students cannot cross-register during the Summer term except for courses offered by Tufts University School of Medicine's Public Health and Professional Degree Programs.
  • Tufts MS/MPH Students: If you are completing your semester at Friedman and need to be enrolled in a required Public Health course, please email Friedman’s Registrar.  If you are completing your semester at Public Health and need to be enrolled in a required Friedman course, please contact Public Health’s Registrar. 

How to Cross-Register into a Friedman Course If You are a Non-Friedman Student

  • Only Friedman courses with the course subject, NUTR, are available for cross-registration. Friedman's courses with the course subject, NUTB, and NUTC, are NOT available for cross-registration. 
  • If you are a non-Friedman student and you are affiliated with Tufts University or with Boston Consortium schools, please obtain a Cross-Registration Petition from your own school, obtain the Friedman instructor's signature or attach a print-out of the Friedman instructor's email approval and attach it to the your school’s cross-registration petition.  
  • Submit the completed petition to Friedman’s Registrar no later than the semester's Cross-Registration deadline (September 18 for Fall 2018) for non-Friedman students at 5:00 PM.  
  • If you have the instructor's approval, fulfilled the Friedman course's pre-requisites, and a seat is available in the Friedman course, Friedman's Registrar will notify your school's Registrar that you've been approved for cross-registration so the course may be added to your academic record/transcript.
  • Please note Friedman's Registrar will NOT begin reviewing/processing Cross-Registration Petitions from Non-Friedman students until the first day of Friedman's classes for the semester.

Have questions about Friedman's Cross-Registration process? Please email Michelle Frankfort, or stop by Friedman's Office of Student Affairs located at the Jaharis Building, Room #123, 150 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA.

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