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Moving Nutrition Forward

Now more than ever, we need innovative approaches to scientific, social, and business challenges in nutrition. The entrepreneurial spirit of our faculty, students, and alumni — the ability to create new solutions through novel connections between ideas, people, and resources — is one of our unique strengths. In an ever-changing world of technology, global economies, and advancing knowledge, these skills and experiences are more relevant than ever. We aim to build on these strengths to become a national hub for nutrition discovery and entrepreneurship.

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Associated Goals

Goal V: Integrate principles of social justice, inclusion, and diversity in the School's teaching, research, student experiences, partnerships, and advocacy.

Actively promote a culture of social justice, equity, and advocacy among faculty, staff, and students.

Identify academic and social support systems that serve the unique needs of diverse student populations.

Enhance expertise and capacity for communicating with racially, culturally, socioeconomically, and geographically diverse audiences.

Continue to support research and advocacy work focused on those in greatest need.

Goal VI: Catalyze interdisciplinary, collaborative, and translational science.

Promote, support, and reward interdisciplinary collaborations across biological and human sciences within the Friedman School, HNRCA, other Tufts schools, and beyond.

Develop a network of expert partners outside Tufts to catalyze interdisciplinary, translational projects.

Build faculty capacity to work in interdisciplinary teams to be competitive in pursuing multidisciplinary funding opportunities.

Enhance resources specifically dedicated to the translation of research, including funds, partnerships, incentives to researchers, and staff time.

Goal VIII: Establish and promote a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and discovery among students, faculty, and staff.

Establish a program of didactic and practical opportunities that teaches students how to solve real-world problems by bringing together ideas, people, and resources to achieve scientific, social, and business innovations.

Encourage a culture where faculty and students view their work in ways that lead to novel applications, new ventures, and innovative technology.

Promote fundamental research on cutting-edge pathways and mechanisms in nutrition and translate those discoveries to real-world problems.

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