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Developing Pioneers in Nutrition

Ensuring healthy food and nutrition throughout the world is a global issue of enormous complexity. No single discipline can be expected to address these issues. Our students must be trained at the cutting edge of their chosen discipline, but we also need to train our students to work together across disciplines, which is becoming the norm throughout the world. We will strive to train our students at the nexus of academics and professional development by providing an expanded range of activities and mentorship in areas such as communication for diverse audiences, teamwork, and entrepreneurship while maintaining our strong academic programs.

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Associated Goals

Goal IX: Mentor and develop faculty to be effective influential leaders in support of the School's mission.

Develop a mentoring and development program to support professional growth of faculty at every career stage.

Create an equitable structure for assessing and recognizing individual faculty contributions and merit, including for teaching, research, service, and public impact.

Create systems to help faculty attain and maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

Enhance the current faculty governance system to make it more participatory, integrated, and empowered.

Goal X: Expand and diversify our student body to train future leaders in nutrition science, policy, and practice.

Optimize flexibility in academic programs and course schedules to accommodate a diverse student body.

Expand the School's appeal to new audiences with varying career goals and experiences by considering new degrees, academic programs, and pathway programs.

Establish a recruitment, financial aid, and student support system that builds and promotes success of a racially/ethnically and economically diverse student populations and provides students from typically underrepresented populations with the opportunity for a Friedman School education.

Goal XI: Create a continuum of academic and professional development to support students and alumni in the dynamic fields of nutrition science and policy.

Strengthen the processes for review of curricular and professional development to ensure that our offerings reflect the knowledge and skills that our students will need following graduation.

Leverage the breadth of expertise within the school to provide our students with a unique perspective and competitive edge, offering an integrated education across biologic, quantitative, social science, and policy domains.

Establish a career development strategy that serves the full range of student and alumni professional goals.

Offer robust continuing education opportunities to alumni and alternative student and professional audiences.

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Sara C. Folta

Sara C. Folta

Associate Professor