ViMPlus - Victory Against Malnutrition Plus

Sanmatenga province in Burkina Faso has some of the country’s highest childhood malnutrition rates. It also holds promise for increased agricultural productivity and rural market activities, which could reduce poverty, improve food security, and create greater resiliency to food shocks in the area.

Victory Against Malnutrition (ViM), a five-year project funded by USAID Food for Peace, aimed to reduce food insecurity affecting vulnerable populations in the Sanmatenga province by improving farmers’ incomes and household health and nutrition, especially among pregnant and lactating women and children under five years old.

The Victory Against Malnutrition Plus (ViMPlus) project builds on the success of ViM to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security for households thriving in resilient community systems in Centre-Nord through the scaling of ViM best practices plus targeted innovations by our consortium: ACDI/VOCA, Save the Children, Tufts University and proven local partners. ViMPlus adds interventions with a deliberate focus on sustainability, governance, disaster risk management, and gender and youth integration and includes robust collaborating, learning and adapting feedback loops.