Global Nutrition and Health Atlas

Developed by the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and Nestlé Research, the Global Nutrition and Health Atlas (GNHA) is a collaborative initiative providing the public with a comprehensive data portal and interactive data visualization platform that present diet-related health information on more than 190 countries.

The GNHA is comprised of six key dimensions, consisting of Demographics, Dietary Intake, Nutritional Status, Health Status, Health Economics, and Food Systems & Diet Sustainability.  Combined, these contain data cover 20 themes and 1000 indicators at the global, regional and national levels, spanning 30 years.  To ensure data quality, the GNHA utilizes data collected from established and credible public sources – which are supplemented with well-documented metadata containing information on data completeness (percentage of missing data), a glossary of terms and their definition, the original sources, and the spatial-temporal characteristics of the data. 

The GNHA platform serves three major missions: public education, driving innovation, and openness to collaboration.  As an open access online platform, the GNHA aims to offer reliable and informative diet-related health information for use by researchers, students, practitioners, health policymakers as well as advocates for healthy nutrition.  To view the data, visit the Atlas Dashboard Gallery to see visualization dashboards for each dimension, or download the data from the Atlas Data Portal.

We welcome the contribution of research and survey data in nutrition, dietary intake, health economy, and other related topics. If you would like to add your data to the Atlas or have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at