Feinstein International Center

Images from Feinstein in the Field Photos: Collecting water; Woman and child in the Sahel, Africa; A woman in Chad; Cutting and drying okra

The Feinstein International Center is a research and teaching center based at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. Their mission is to promote the use of evidence and learning in operational and policy responses to protect and strengthen the lives, livelihoods and dignity of people affected by or at risk of humanitarian crises.

Research at Feinstein begins by engaging with partners, such as humanitarian agencies and policymakers, to design research that will support them to gather the evidence and information that they need to make the best possible program and policy decisions.

The Feinstein faculty teach at The Friedman School and The Fletcher School, bringing the center’s vast experience and networks into the classroom. The curricula are grounded in current events making them relevant, engaging, and solution oriented. Feinstein arms future leaders with the knowledge, skills and analytical abilities they need to address challenges and improve policy and practice in the humanitarian field.

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