Nutrition Interventions, Communication, and Behavior Change

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Nutrition Interventions, Communication, and Behavior Change

Scientific Basis of Nutrition: Micronutrients

NUTR 245 is one course of a pair of courses designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of nutrition and its scientific underpinnings.  NUTR 245 focuses on micronutrients, including fat- and water-soluble vitamins and minerals. The second course of the sequence, NUTR 246, focuses on macronutrients and energy.  The course will cover micronutrient sources; digestion and absorption; bioavailability; homeostasis; functions throughout the lifecycle including roles in promotion of health and prevention of disease; and deficiency and toxicity states.

Will Masters: Randomized Trials of Everyday Choices

Randomized trials of everyday choices: A micro-lecture on frontiers of research at the Friedman School, explaining how we have started using economic incentives and nudges to randomize behaviors that occur at home in daily life. These everyday choices cannot normally be tested in clinical trials, but include many of the most important actions people can take to improve nutrition and health. The example discussed here is weighing yourself at home every day. Does that help people lose weight? The answer: yes, for those who stick with it. But that's just a pilot result. This same research technique can be used for many future trials.

Grant Writing

Students will receive didactic training on the principles of the grant writing process.  Students will be required to write specific aims for a grant proposal on a topic of the instructor’s choosing.  A class on writing skills will help students form a clear and concise series of specific aims. A class on available citation databases and reference management techniques will guide students on effective literature searches and management of citations.  The entire class will critique each set of specific aims in an interactive session.

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