Nutrition Interventions, Communication, and Behavior Change

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Nutrition Interventions, Communication, and Behavior Change

Social Media for Health and Nutrition Communication

In this course we will examine the diverse uses of social media in the current health and nutrition field and develop a framework for students to apply for future social media usage in professional endeavors. Attention will be paid to the critical analysis of the appropriateness, potential target populations, communication and health behavior strategies, the risks and benefits, and the overall intended outcomes and reach of social media communication.

Food Systems and Sustainable Diets

This course explores food systems - primarily as food supply chains (e.g., production, processing, distribution and consumption of food) - within the context of social, economic, governance, health, and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Systems-based frameworks are the basis for understanding how to translate conceptual models into applications for programs and policy-making by government agencies, food industry sectors, NGOs, and educators.         

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