Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance

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Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance

Seminar in Humanitarian Issues (MAHA)

This course is open for credit only to Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance (MAHA) students for whom it is a required course. The seminar emphasizes academic and research skills that are important for a professional in the humanitarian field. It also offers MAHA students the chance to explore in greater depth, key issues in humanitarian assistance. The seminar is also an opportunity to discuss in depth much of the theory and academic literature of other prerequisite courses. The main output is the MAHA capstone project, which is a requirement for graduation.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Nutrition and Food Security Projects

This seminar will provide an introduction to the principles and practice of program monitoring and evaluation, with an emphasis on nutrition and nutrition-related programs in developing countries. By reviewing relevant literature and utilizing case studies in the areas of nutrition, primary health, agriculture and other fields, students will garner basic literacy of the language and tools of evaluation.

Fundamentals of Nutrition Policy and Programming: How Science and Practice Interact

This is a course that will allow students at the Friedman School to become familiar with policy processes (domestic and international), typologies of policy initiatives (laws, regulations, program interventions, legal restrictions and systems, institutional mandates), and to be able to critically analyze and discuss how policy and science interact with regard to food and nutrition.

Patrick Webb

Patrick Webb is engaged in research and policy guidance around the globe as Director for USAID’s Feed the Future Nutrition Innovation Lab (fieldwork ongoing in Nepal, Uganda, Malawi, Bangladesh, Egypt and Cambodia), and leads the US government’s Food Aid Quality Review (cost-effectiveness trials in Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Malawi).  Until 2005, he worked for the United Nations' World Food Programme as Chief of Nutrition. During that time he was a first-responder to the Asian tsumani disaster in Aceh.

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