Food and Nutrition Policy and Programs

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Food and Nutrition Policy and Programs

Clone of Fundamentals of Nutrition Policy and Programming: How Science and Practice Interact

This is a course that will allow students at the Friedman School to become familiar with policy processes (domestic and international), typologies of policy initiatives (laws, regulations, program interventions, legal restrictions and systems, institutional mandates), and to be able to critically analyze and discuss how policy and science interact with regard to food and nutrition.

Cellular Agriculture & Cultured Meat Lab

Scientific process of producing meat from cell culture (termed "cultured meat"). Cell isolations and cell culture, cell analysis (such as immunostaining), and various food science analyses (of texture, flavor, etc.). Distinctions between biomedical engineering for food and biomedical engineering for medicine, demonstration of key areas of research that are needed to advance the field of cellular agriculture. 

Co-Instructors: David L. Kaplan, Jake Marko

Cellular Agriculture and Biofabricated Foods

Introduction to the concepts of cellular agriculture, food science and the use of biotechnology in food production. Laboratory experience in cell culture and biomaterials processing from cell isolation to generation of in vitro meat using tissue engineering techniques. Course culminates in a scientific, creative proposal based on student interests. This course is crosslisted with AS&E's BME 0173. 

Co-Instructors: David L. Kaplan, Kirsten Trinidad, Emily T. Lew