Agriculture, Food, and the Environment

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Agriculture, Food and Environment

Values and Value in Coffee

Specialty Coffee Association of America Symposium 2014 

How can we better understand the ways that people value coffee? In this talk presented at Symposium 2014, Dr. Sean Cash shares his perspectives on the intrinsic and perceived value of coffee and takes a look at labeling, ethical consumption, and consumer behavior. Dr. Cash sheds light on how consumers value social aspects of coffee relative to other attributes, and how point-of-sale messaging impacts consumers' demand for coffee. 

Principles of Nutrition Science

This course presents the fundamental scientific principles of human nutrition. Students will become familiar with food sources; recommended intake levels;  biochemical role; mode of absorption, transport, excretion; deficiency/toxicity symptoms, and potential major public health problems for each macro- and micronutrient.

Friedman Seminar: Digging Deep: Creative Expressions on Food Justice

This Friedman Seminar features four Boston-area community leaders, telling their stories about how food justice has played a role in their lives and work: "Digging Deep: Creative Expressions on Food Justice." This seminar was held on February 24, 2016.

In the words of researcher and storyteller Dr. Brené Brown, "Stories are just data with a soul." Stories are a way to elucidate different points of view, highlight unique perspectives, and provide depth to our understanding of the world.

BFN - Beginning Farmer Network

The Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts (BFN/Mass) is a collaborative group of farmers and farm service providers dedicated to beginning farmer success in Massachusetts. By creating more space for networking and collaboration amongst Beginning Farmers and Service Providers we hope to bring together people who want to work on similar issues, who want to share information and lessons learned, and who can inspire each other by the work they are already doing.

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