Marion Min-Barron
Course Instructor

Marion Min-Barron, MS/MPH has been engaged in the field of international nutrition for numerous years with a particular geographic focus in East Africa. Her main research interests lie in agriculture and nutrition linkages with a gendered perspective, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition programs, interhousehold dynamics and participatory research. Her current research explores, through a mixed-methods approach, the role of gender at the agriculture-nutrition nexus within the context of Ethiopian smallholder households. Marion has been engaged with the Friedman community as a Teaching Assistant and Co-Instructor since 2009. Her passion for teaching is fueled by the wealth of learning she has acquired from her students. With a dual degree Masters in Nutrition (Food Policy and Applied Nutrition) and Public Health (Biostatistics and Epidemiology), she is currently an All But Dissertation Doctoral Candidate at the Friedman School.


  • M.S., Food Policy and Nutrition, Friedman School, Tufts University