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All Certificate Program Courses

Overview of Certificate Courses

We've made a helpful listing of each program and its coursework, if you'd like to review all programs you can also visit our certificate homepage

Certificate Program Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
Developing Healthy Communities: Nutrition, Behavior, and Physical Activity Foundations of Nutrition Science
(NUTC 200)
Theories of Behavior Change and Their Application in Nutrition and Public Health Interventions
(NUTC 211)

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change for Physical Activity
(NUTC 212)
Nutrition Science for Communications Professionals Foundations of Nutrition Science
(NUTC 200)
Interpreting Nutrition Evidence
(NUTC 230)

Nutrition-Related Consumer Marketing
(NUTC 205)

Current Controversies in Nutrition
(NUTC 285)

Nutrition for Cooks and Culinary Professionals Foundations of Nutrition Science (NUTC200) Health Properties of Food
(NUTC 206)
Serving a Healthy Diet
(NUTC 0207)
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Sustainability on the Farm
(NUTC 261)
Sustainable Food Systems
and Markets
(NUTC 262)
Sustainability and the Food Consumer
(NUTC 263)
Nutrition for Industry Professionals and Entrepreneurs Nutrition and Innovation
(NUTC 280)
Nutrition Product Regulations:
Labeling and Claims
(NUTC 281)
Nutrition-Related Consumer Marketing
(NUTC 205)
Nutrition Science for Health Professionals Principles of Nutrition Science
(NUTC 202)
Nutrition, Health, and Disease I: Pregnancy to Adolescence
(NUTC 269)

Principles of Nutrition Science (NUTC 202)2

Nutrition, Health, and Disease II: Adulthood
(NUTC 270)

Global Nutrition Programming Malnutrition Prevention and Response
(NUTC 203)

Underlying Causes of Malnutrition
(NUTC 204)

Theories of Behavior Change and Positive Deviance
(NUTC 213)

Program Monitoring and Evaluation (NUTC 210)
Build Your Own Certificate Program Pick any 3 courses
(Note: prerequisites may be required for select courses 1, 2, 3)

1: Interpreting Nutrition Evidence requires a prerequisite course in either general nutrition, Foundations of Nutrition Science, or Principles of Nutrition Science
2: Principles of Nutrition Science requires a prerequisite course in human physiology or prior degree in the life sciences
3: Nutrition, Health, & Disease I and II require the prerequisite course, Principles of Nutrition Science, or an equivalent course

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