Hiring, Payroll, and HR Processes

Human Resources Business Partner

The Friedman School’s HR Business Partner (HRBP) is Ruth Baylis. Ruth can be reached at ruth.baylis@tufts.edu and 617-627-5537. Her main office is at 200 Boston Ave. in Medford and she spends Mondays in Boston in Jaharis 255.

The HRBP is the primary HR contact for Friedman School faculty and staff who have questions about HR issues or processes, or who need help as they navigate recruiting, hiring, training, and managing their staff, including acting as the central link to other Human Resources services.

The HRBP also works closely with Ed Kleifgen, the School's EAD, and Krissy Day, the Director of Business Operations, to research and implement broad staff initiatives and programs across the school, including staff recognition, training, and mentoring, and with the Friedman School’s sponsored research administration community related to a variety of international hiring challenges and options through Tufts Global Operations.

Review the tabs below for more information on Hiring and Appointments, Payroll, HR Processes, and Additional Resources.

Staff Postdocs Students Temp Employees

US-Based Hires

If you are looking to hire someone, helpful information on University-wide processes can be found on AccessTufts. Please also review the details below for additional and Friedman-School specific information.

No person may legally perform work in any capacity without an official appointment.

There are different processes and requirements for hiring staff, postdocs, students, and temps. Summary details are below, and further information is available in the Hiring Overview grid. Note this guidance is for US-based hires only. 


  • Hired through Tufts HR, following the staff recruiting and hire process.
  • The New Position Intake Form is required by HR.
  • Openings must be formally posted for at least two weeks before a hire can be made.
  • HR advertises openings on a variety of websites at no cost to the school and will post to additional sites recommended by the hiring manager if requested.
  • All qualified candidates must be reviewed and considered by the hiring manager.
  • Expect the search process to take at least a month, including HR review and posting processes and the mandatory two week posting period.
  • Staff follow payroll processes described under the Payroll tab.
  • All grant-funded positions must be advertised as such, and require specific appointment end dates.
  • See note below related to staff who will be based internationally.
  • Benefits-eligible staff members are generally provided desk space. Contact Krissy Day to make arrangements.
  • Refer to the staff onboarding process once an offer is accepted.


  • Hired through the school.
  • Sara Folta, the school's Postdoctoral Officer, is the primary point of contact related to postdoc hires.
  • All advertising is managed at the school level. Any adveristing costs must be borne by the funding source supporting the postdoc and/or from the hiring faculty member's discretionary funds.
  • The school's faculty coordinators are able to help support the search and hiring processes for Friedman School faculty. Program staff may also manage the search.
  • Sara Folta must be involved in finalizing an offer letter before it is sent to a candidate from a PI. Krissy Day needs to know about offers to postdocs as well.
  • All postdoc appointments must have a specific appointment end date.
  • When an offer is accepted, the faculty coordinator or other program staff member submits a new hire PAF to TSS to finalize the appointment in PeopleSoft.
  • Postdocs are generally provided desk space. Contact Krissy Day to make arrangements.


Students can be hired through the Friedman School in several capacities. No work should be done prior to a formal appointment being created in PeopleSoft and fully documented for each new job. Do not assume that someone who has worked previously is still "in the system" and can work now. 

It is not possible for student workers to pre-register prior to having an appointment due to payroll system restrictions. Appointments can only be entered once all appointment details are confirmed and communicated in a formal offer letter.

  • Hourly workers:
    • Hired through the Friedman School Finance office with Cassy Whooley as the primary contact.
    • A formal offer letter is required. Use the student and temp offer letter template.
    • Paid weekly based on hours worked and submitted to Charlene Stevens.
    • For students with Federal Work-Study (FWS) awards, the hiring manager will support 25% of the hourly wage and FWS will support 75%.
  • Research Assistants:
    • Currently included in hourly appointments but moving to semi-monthly payments later in FY18. More information coming soon.
  • Teaching Assistants:
    • Finalized through the office of the Academic Dean
    • Contact Patty Dawson with questions about TA appointment approvals
    • Contact Cassy Whooley with questions about TA payroll
    • Paid a set amount for support of a course for a semester
    • No hours/timesheets are submitted
    • Expected average of 10 hours/week effort throughout the semester

There are restrictions on the number of hours an international student can work. It is the student's responsibility to know this limit and to ensure they do not exceed it. Questions should be directed to the International Center.

Students awarded Federal Work-Study funds are responsible for knowing the amount of funding they were awarded and informing their supervisor about this amount and when it will be fully used.

Student workers are generally not provided desk space.

Temporary Employees:

There are two types of temporary employees (temps) at the Friedman School.

  1. Direct Hire: If a hiring manager knows of someone they'd like to hire in a temporary capacity, they can provide the appointment details to Cassy Whooley.
    • A formal offer letter is required. Use the student and temp offer letter template.
    • Cassy can help determine an appropriate hourly rate to pay the temp. The hiring manager can determine the exact rate to pay within a range equitable across similar positions at the School.
    • Paid weekly based on hours worked and submitted to Charlene Stevens.
    • Direct hire temps will be given a Tufts email and UTLN.
  2. Agency: If a hiring manager chooses, they can use the services of a staffing agency to fill a temporary staffing need. Tufts Temps is a central contact to help managers find qualified candidates from staffing agencies.
    • Hiring managers contact Tufts Temps directly and coordinate about their needs. There is no school administration involvment in the hiring.
    • The hourly rate is determined by the staffing agency. In addition to the rate paid to the temp, the rate includes a significant fee to the agency.
    • Payroll is managed through the agency and approved by the manager.
    • Weekly invoices will be issued by the agency to the manager for payment.
    • If a Tufts email and/or UTLN are needed, follow the steps to request an Affiliate Account.

Temporary workers are generally not provided desk space.

Timesheets and Time Submission Time Off

Timesheets and Time Submission

Non-Exempt (Hourly) Staff

Staff members in non-exempt roles (as determined by the HR Office) are required to track or submit their time worked every week. They are paid only for hours worked and for any paid time off taken.

Non-exempt staff submit their time by logging into the administration portal with their Tufts UTLN and password.  Automated reminders are sent each Thursday afternoon and Monday morning. Time must be submitted by 10:00am Monday morning for the prior week. Time not submitted by that time will be included in the following week's payroll.

Exempt (Semi-Monthy) Staff

Staff members in exempt-level roles (as determined by the HR Office) are not required to track or submit their time worked. They are paid on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Students and Temps

Student workers in hourly roles and direct hire temporary employees are required to track and submit their time worked every week. They are paid only for hours worked and for any paid time off taken.

Students and direct hire temps submit their time by completing a timesheet and emailing it to Charlene Stevens, copying their supervisor. Charlene sends reminders each week. Time must be submitted by 10:00am Monday morning for the prior week. Time not submitted by then will be included in the following week's payroll.

Questions or issues related to time submission for student and direct hire temps should be directed to Charlene Stevens.

Students working as Teaching Assistants (TAs) are paid a set amount for the semester during which they support a course. They are paid on the 15th and 30th of each month throughout the semester.

Temps hired through a staffing agency are required to track and submit their time worked every week through a tracking system provided by the staffing agency. They are paid only for hours worked.

Time Off

All time off should be coordinated with the relevant supervisor(s) in advance of taking the time off.

Staff members' paid time off accruals and awards are outlined in the Tufts Employee Handbook. Postdocs' accruals and awards are detailed in the Tufts Postdoctoral Handbook.

Non-Exempt (Hourly) Staff

Non-exempt staff submit their time off via the weekly timesheet submission.

Exempt (Semi-Monthly) Staff and Postdocs

Exempt staff and postdocs inform Charlene of the time they've taken so she can enter it into the official PeopleSoft records. She sends monthly reminders but time can be sent to her to record at any point. Time should be logged as soon as possible after it is taken so records are kept accurate.


Faculty time off policies are outlined in the Friedman School Faculty Handbook. Faculty time off is not tracked in PeopleSoft. 

Students and Temps

Students and temps are not eligible for paid time off, except for those who qualify for paid sick time under the Massachusetts Earned Sick Time law. Students and temps who have accrued paid sick time and want to use it should indicate so on their timesheet submission.

Job Data Changes Employee Relations Compensation and Role Reviews Supplemental Payment/Bonus Annual Salary Increases Performance Reviews

Term Appointment Extension

All grant-funded staff members are hired into term appointments with specific end dates. The end date likely coincides with the end of the available funding to support the position. When additional funding becomes available, a supervisor may decide to extend a staff member's end date. They may do so after consulting with their Senior Research Administrator to confirm the avilability of funds. The supervisor then arrranges for a change PAF to be submitted to TSS through their faculty coordinator, program staff, or the Finance office, notifies Krissy Day of the change, and sends the staff member an extension letter confirming the new end date, using the term appointment extension letter template.

Job Data Changes

Occasionally, a staff member's job details change, such as their physical location or supervisor. For such changes, the supervisor arranges for a change PAF to be submitted to TSS through their faculty coordinator or program staff, and notifies Krissy Day of the change(s).

All changes that affect salary and funding, including a change in FTE, must be coordinated with the Sponsored Research Administration team and will likely require a compensation review process through Human Resources.

Employee Relations

Managers requiring guidance and support when addressing performance challenges with their staff members can contact Ruth Baylis, who will help them navigate best practices, legal obligations, and tools and resouces available.

Compensation and Role Reviews

Compensation-related processes are described on AccessTufts under Staff Development and Compensation.

If a staff member and their supervisor believe the staff member's role has changed over time or if there is a concern about equity compared to similar roles in the school or elsewhere, and that a change in title and/or salary may be appropriate, the supervisor can complete the compensation review request form, obtain Ed Kleifgen's signature, and submit it to HR via email to Ruth Baylis. Ruth will then work with HR collegues in the Compensation Office to review the request, considering current and prior job descriptions/summaries, similar roles across the School and the University, and market data.

When the review is complete, Ruth will provide the HR review results and recommendations, if any, to the supervisor. Possible outcomes of the review are:

  • No action - confirmation that the staff member's role is categorized correctly and their salary is appropriate for that role
  • Change of title
  • Change in salary
  • Change in both title and salary

If a salary change is recommended, HR will provide a recommended range and the supervisor makes the final decision on the final new salary amount. For those changes that affect sponsored funds, the supervisor must coordinate with the Sponsored Research Administration team to ensure the funding source(s) can support the proposed change. The supervisor arranges for a a change PAF to be submitted to TSS through their faculty coordinator or program staff to finalize any changes and informs the staff member via email and/or formal letter.

Supplemental Payment/Bonus

A supervisor may look to recognize a staff member's extraordinary efforts with a one-time bonus. Such requests are reviewed by Human Resources in a process similar to that of a compensation review, described above. The supervisor should complete the compensation review request form and submit it to HR via email to Ruth Baylis. Ruth will then work with HR collegues to review the request. When the review is complete, Ruth will provide the results and recommendation to the supervisor.

Note that many sponsored funding sources do not allow supplemental payments. The supervisor must coordinate with the Sponsored Research Administration team to ensure the funding source(s) can support the proposed payment.

The supervisor arranges for a supplemental pay PAF to be submitted to TSS through their faculty coordinator or program staff to process the payment and informs the staff member via email and/or formal letter.

Annual Salary Increases

The annual salary increase process occurs in the spring, overlapping with and informed by the performance review process. Information is available on AccessTufts. Supervisors will be contacted by Human Resouces via email with guidance on determining increase percentages in late April. Supervisors are asked to provide recommended increases for each of their direct reports to Friedman School leadership by mid-May using the merit section of eServe. Instructions on that process are also available on AccessTufts (link in right sidebar).

The Friedman School leadership performs multiple reviews and assessments of the recommendations and finalizes increases by early-June. Supervisors receive confirmation of the increases for their staff direct reports as well as letter templates. They are asked to inform their staff of the increases by July 1, when the increases are effective for the following fiscal year.

Performance Reviews

The performance review process happens each spring, with the online review system opening in March and reviews due by mid-June. Supervisors and staff will receive notices, updates, and links to additional information via email from Human Resources.

There are a variety of resources and guides available to help supervisors manage staff performance reviews available on the Performance & Development page of AccessTufts.

International Hires Affiliate Accounts Training and Development Info for Managers Info for New Hires

International Hires

Tufts Global Operations provides guidance on hiring staff who will be based internationally and will help hiring managers determine the best options available for their specific situation. Review the Hiring Abroad information and contact Tufts Global Operations at global@tufts.edu or 617-627-4649.

Affiliate Accounts

While not employees, there are consultants and other collaborators across the world working with our faculty and staff who have a legitimate need to have an official association with Tufts. We can create an affiliate account for these situations, which creates a Tufts email address and UTLN that can be used to grant access to certain systems and files.

To request an affiliate account:

  1. A Friedman School faculty or staff member must approve of the request and assume responsibility for confirming there is an ongoing need for the account.
  2. Log in with your Tufts UTLN and password to the Affiliate Account Request Form
  3. Complete the Qualtrics form
    • The department must be Affiliates-Friedman
    • The end date should be 12/31 or 6/30 for most situations.
  4. Respond to any questions received from TTS, Charlene Stevens, or Krissy Day about the account.
  5. Ensure the affiliate responds to any questions or needs from TTS.
  6. Inform Charlene of any accounts that are no longer needed so they can be terminated.

Charlene and Krissy will periodically check in with account sponsors about the status of the accounts listed under their sponsorship. Accounts can be extended as needed.

Training and Development

The Tufts Learning Center leads staff to information about in-person and online trainings. Tufts employees are also able to access Lynda.com online video trainings through TTS.

AccessTufts has information about Career Learning and Development,opportunities at Tufts, training programs, and career growth.  Employees can also contact the HR business partner for a personalize consultation on how to best utilize these resources.

Additional Resources for Managers

Hiring managers should review the Manager Resources on AccessTufts.

The new staff hire checklist and staff departure checklist help outline all the actions necessary when bringing a new staff member into the Friedman School community and when someone leaves.

Additional Information for New Hires

Information for new student hires

Information for new temp employees

I-9 form

Tufts Student Employment

Getting a Social Security Number (SSN)

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