Information Security

Tufts Policies

Secure Printing, Scanning, and Emailing

Electronic File Storage

Tufts uses for cloud file storage. Box is compliant with Tufts information security policies, FERPA, HIPAA, and other regulations for storing and maintaining sensitive information. Review the Tufts Box Use Guideline for details.

The legacy Friedman School Q drive is being phased out and being replaced by the more secure Box. Contact Krissy Day for details on moving files from the Q drive to Box and managing Box file and folder permissions.


Tufts University, in the ordinary course of business, creates, obtains, and maintains data concerning its employees, students, and business practices that it considers private and confidential. Such information is categorized in the Tufts Information Classification and Handling Policy. Generally speaking, the University prohibits the disclosure of Regulated Institutional Data and Confidential Institutional Data (“Confidential Information”) to third parties or to unauthorized members of the Tufts community, and requires employees to represent Tufts’ values, mission, and management expectations for ethical behavior when accessing and/or using all categories of this data.

The Tufts Business Conduct Policy (also indicated in the Employee Handbook) and the Tufts Information Stewardship Policy with the supporting Use of Institutional Systems Policy, Information Classification and Handling Policy, and Information Roles and Responsibilities Policy provide clarification and definition about how Tufts employees are expected to behave related to Confidential Information and its management while working at Tufts. These policies state that the privacy of the personal information of University community members and clients should be protected. Members of the Tufts community who violate any these policies may be denied access to institutional data and systems, and may be subject to other penalties and disciplinary action, both within and outside of the University.

Confidential Shredding

Bins are located across from Jaharis 237 and in the print/copy area in Jaharis 120. These bins are managed by Shred-It and are taken offsite for confidential shredding and destruction. If you notice that a bin is getting full, contact Donmonique Chambliss to request it be switched out with an empty one.

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