Friedman At ASN

Friedman At ASN

Can food allergies be prevented? Does what we eat affect our susceptibility to diseases like dementia or cancer? Why does the same diet affect different people differently? How can we produce food more sustainably in the future? These are just a few of the fascinating questions on deck for Nutrition 2018, the inaugural flagship meeting of the American Society for Nutrition. The meeting, to be held June 9-12, 2018 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, will feature new research findings and panel discussions addressing hot topics in clinical practice and policy. You can read the full press release from ASN here.

Here are just a few of the members of the Friedman Community who will be presenting at this year's conference (list subject to change):

Date Time Name Presentation Title and Type
6/9 1PM- 3PM Christian Peters Understanding the Intersection of Climate/Environmental Change, Health, Agriculture and Improved Nutrition: A Case Study: Diabetes (Panel)
6/9  3:30PM - 5:15PM Dariush Mozaffarian Opening Session and Presidential Symposium: Innovative Policies for Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs (Panel)
6/9 3:30PM - 5:15PM Jerold R. Mande Opening Session and Presidential Symposium: Innovative Policies for Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs (Panel)
6/10 6AM - 7:45AM Timothy Griffin Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Plate: Understanding Scientific, Political and Business Perspectives on Sustainable Nutrition (Panel)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Brooke Colaiezzi User challenges and opportunities in implementing the INDDEX24 mobile dietary assessment platform in Burkina Faso and Viet Nam (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Jacqueline Lauer and Shibani Ghosh Maternal environmental enteric dysfunction is associated with shorter gestation and reduced length in newborn infants in Uganda (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Jacqueline Lauer and Shibani Ghosh Association between maternal aflatoxin exposure during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes in Mukono, Uganda (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Junxiu Liu Trends in Dietary Supplement Intake among US Adults, 1999-2014 (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Grace Namirembe A Proposed Index to Measure Nutrition Governance at the Implementation Level: The Nutrition Governance Index (NGI) (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Sanele Nkomani Building clinical nutrition capacity in sub Saharan Africa: Experiences of developing a postgraduate diploma in Dietetics in Malawi (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Grace Phelan Development of a Framework of Adaptable Guidelines for Incorporating Medical Nutrition Education into Medical School Curriculum (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Sarah Wafa Cognitive processes of respondents in tablet-based 24-hour dietary recalls in Burkina Faso and Viet Nam (Poster)
6/10 8AM - 6PM Luxian Zeng and Mengyuan Ruan Trends in Meat, Poultry, and Fish Consumption in the United States, 1999-2014  (Poster)
6/10 10:30AM - 12:30PM Alice H. Lichtenstein Public Policy and Science: What Happens When Sound Science Flies Under the Radar or Unanticipated Consequences Emerge – What Can Nutrition Scientists Do About It? (Oral)
6/10 11:30AM - 12PM Erin Hennessy 3 - Agent-based Modeling and Nutrition (Oral)
6/10 3PM - 5PM Nirupa Matthan High-dose Vitamin D Supplementation Interferes with Cholesterol Absorption and affects Circulating Cholesterol Levels in Overweight/Obese Post-menopausal Women (Oral)
6/10 3:15PM - 3:30PM Shibani Ghosh Head Circumference age Z-score is positively associated with the consumption of animal source foods in Nepali infants from 3 to 12 months of age (Oral)
6/11 8AM - 10AM Eileen Kennedy Emotion Trumps Science: Why Science-based Facts are No Longer Enough to Educate the Public Effectively (Oral)
6/11 8AM - 10AM Nirupa Matthan Habituation to Diets Enriched in Palmitate and Stearate Relative to Oleate Differentially Affect CVD Risk Factors and Markers of Inflammation in Post-Menopausal Women (Oral)
6/11 8AM - 10AM Simin Nikbin Meydani Recent Advances in Nutritional Modulation of the Immune System (Oral)
6/11 8AM - 10AM Fang Fang Zhang Plant- and Animal-Based Diet Quality and Mortality among US Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999-2010 (Oral)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Badreya Al-Lahou Diet Quality in Association with Dyslipidemia and Elevated Blood Pressure in Kuwaiti Adults (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Winnie Bell Data4Diets: Building Blocks for Diet-related Food Security Analysis (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Lea Borgi Phosphorus additives in food products: the case for improved transparency (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Fan Chen Use of Dietary Supplements in Association with Mortality Among US Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999-2010 (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Xinge Ding Nutrition Guidelines for Cancer Survivors: Call for More Evidence and Practical Strategies (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Mengxi Du Dietary Supplement Use among Adult Cancer Survivors in the United States (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Danielle Haslam Diet Quality and All-Cause Mortality in Women after Breast Cancer Diagnosis in the Breast Cancer Family Registry (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Erin Hennessy The impact of a community-wide social marketing campaign on calories ordered for and consumed by children in a quick-service restaurant (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Swetha Manohar Annual linear growth velocities of preschool children by age and sex in the Terai of Nepal: A three- year cohort study (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Elizabeth Marino-Costello Assessing nutritional status using dietary patterns from rural Nepali Women (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Jennifer Onopa The 2018 Global Dietary Database: Availability of Individual-level Intakes of 57 Major Foods and Nutrients from 1170 Survey-years of Data (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Gita Singh The 2018 Global Dietary Database: Key Characteristics of 1170 Survey-Years of Individual-level Dietary Intake Data (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Andrew Thorne-Lyman Risk factors for underweight and overweight among reproductive aged women in a national sample in Nepal (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Maura Walker Dietary Fat Influences Epicardial Adipose Tissue Fatty Acid Composition in the Ossabaw Miniature Pig (Poster)
6/11 8AM - 3PM Maura Walker Associations Between Epicardial Adipose Tissue Fatty Acid Composition and Gene Expression in the Ossabaw Miniature Pig (Poster)
6/11 10:30AM - 12:30PM Dariush Mozaffarian Demographics, Diversity and Disparities in Nutrition Science (Oral)
6/11 12PM - 12:45PM Grace Namirembe Obesity and Nutrition Policy (Oral)
6/11 1PM - 3PM Mandy Bridges & Nina Schlossman U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act Standards Now Being Applied to Food Aid Products for Nutrition and Humanitarian Response (Poster)
6/11 1PM - 3PM Stacy Griswold Formative Research to Tailor Counseling Messages for a Supplementary Feeding Program in Sierra Leone Reveals Link Between Knowledge, Social Stigma and Recipe Adherence (Poster)
6/11 1PM - 3PM Breanne Langlois A Mobile Data Collection Tool Using Android Tablets for In-Home Observations in Sierra Leone Improves Data Quality (Poster)
6/11 1PM - 3PM Breanne Langlois Behaviors Surrounding Ration Use in a Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program in Burkina Faso (Poster)
6/11 1PM - 3PM Memuna Sawi Community Cluster Approach: Its Added Value in Surveys Conducted at Rural Community Level (Poster)
6/11 1PM - 3PM Ye Shen Evaluating Opportunity Cost of Caregivers’ Time and its Impact on Comparative Cost-Effectiveness of Supplementary Foods to Prevent Child Undernutrition in Burkina Faso (Poster)
6/11 1:30PM - 2:40PM Christina Economos Nutrition Translation Research Interest Section Forum (Panel)
6/11 3PM- 5PM Diane McKay Incorporating pecans into a typical American diet improves cardiometabolic risk factors in overweight and obese adults with central adiposity (Oral)
6/12 10:30AM - 12:30PM Yan Bai Barriers and Opportunities for Improving Diets and Food Choice (Oral)
6/12 10:30AM - 12:30PM Ilana Cliffer Barriers and Opportunities for Improving Diets and Food Choice (Oral)
6/12 11AM - 11:15AM Yan Bai Seasonality in the Cost of Nutritious Diets versus Caloric Adequacy in Tanzania (Oral)
6/12 11:15AM - 11:30AM Ilana Cliffer Comparative Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Four Supplementary Foods in the Prevention of Stunting and Wasting in children 6-23 months in Burkina Faso (Oral)
6/12 12PM - 12:15PM Johanna Andrews-Trevino Relationship between maize and groundnut consumption and aflatoxin levels in Nepalese pregnant women eating a rice-dominated diet (Oral)

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