Tufts Marathon Team

The Tufts Marathon Team (TMT), in collaboration with John Hancock, offers the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon while raising critical funds to benefit childhood obesity, cancer, hunger/famine, and healthy aging to name a few. Since first taking part in the Marathon in 2003, TMT has raised more than $6 million to support these crucial issues in food and nutrition.

Support the 2019 Team!

Fundraising is a requirement for TMT runners. Minimums are $1,500 for students and $5,000 for staff, alumni, parents, and friends. The Friedman School is honored to have 50 runners fundraising for some of the most pressing issues in the world today. All runners focus their fundraising on one or more of the following crucial issues in food and nutrition, helping to make a real difference in the United States and the world.

Child Obesity

Friedman School faculty, students, and alumni are working to find evidence-based solutions to the complex issue of child obesity.


Researchers at the Friedman School are investigating weight gain during and after cancer treatment and associated risk factors.


The Friedman School looks to protect and strengthen the lives, livelihoods, and dignity of people affected by or at risk of humanitarian crises.

Healthy Aging

The Friedman School works to foster a better understanding of the aging process and identify the best nutrition, physical activity, and healthy living choices that encourage vitality.

Policy Impact

The Friedman School provides faculty, students, and alumni a trusted voice to influence policy and create impact in the world.

Future Leaders

As the leading graduate school of nutrition in the world, the Friedman School looks to train future leaders in nutrition science, policy, and practice.

TMT is the largest known collegiate marathon program in the United States, attracting runners from around the country. A lottery system is used to determine the students, staff, alumni, parents, and friends representing the TMT on Patriots Day. To receive more information regarding joining the Tufts Marathon Team please contact Don Megerle at donald.megerle@tufts.edu.

To support the Tufts Marathon Team or to support a specific runner please click here. Your gift will benefit the Tufts nutrition community and will help to ensure the future of this campaign at the Friedman School while demonstrating your support and encouragement of the runners.


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