Office of Faculty Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Faculty Affairs

We are committed to creating and fostering an environment that encourages the professional and leadership development of faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and students; development including everything from acquiring new teaching skills to increasing participation on collaborative research. The office adopts a multi-pronged approach of evaluating and revising current procedures and policies, creating new opportunities for professional development and support, and developing new processes to maintain and revise our direction as needed in the future. 

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We bring together biomedical, interventional, social, behavioral, public health, economics, and food systems scientists to conduct work that improves the nutritional health and well-being of populations throughout the world. Our interdisciplinary focus and integrative nature of our nutrition science and policy education and research programs complement the intellectually rich environment across Tufts, a “Research Class 1” university and top-25-ranked undergraduate institution.

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Our specific objectives:

  • Support the recruitment, appointment, promotion, and retention of a diverse faculty that demonstrates excellence in teaching, research, and public impact
  • Improve the process of promotions to higher rank and tenure as appropriate
  • Review, revise, and maintain the Faculty Handbook as well as the manual for Policies and Procedures for Appointments, Tenure and Promotions
  • Promote ethical standard for conducting research, including compliance with all institutional and federal regulations
  • Oversee the annual process of faculty evaluation
  • Support the work of Faculty Standing Committees
  • Develop and support retreats, workshops, seminars, orientation sessions and other efforts to improve the teaching and research environment
  • Provide support and advocacy for postdoctoral scholars
  • Leverage existing resources and expertise of the Office of the Vice Provost