The Science of Creativity: Mastering Entrepreneurship Skills

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Jimena Florez will be presenting an Entrepreneurship Workshop on the "The Science of Creativity: Mastering Entrepreneurship Skills " on Tuesday, September 18th from 12:00 - 1:00pm in room 272 Jaharis.  Please RSVP Patty Dawson if you are interested in participating in this workshop/lunchonen.  Space is limited to 12 students. 



Jimena  Florez  is  a  social  leader,  an  entrepreneur,  passionate  to  find  the  most  innovative solutions towards alleviating poverty, improving peoples health and children  performance.    She  has  been  having  an  active  role  on  society  leading  changes  especially  in  the  food  safety  field.  Her  work  has  been  focusing  in creating academic programs, services and products to improve the wellbeing of underserved  communities.  She  developed  the  first  academic  program  in  her  natal  Country,  aim  to  train  and  empower  farmers  about  food  safety,  organic production and biocompounents. Jimena is a food innovator and  the founder of Chaak Healthy Snacks a food science company that research and develops food products  with  a  unique  line  of  baked  goods  scientifically  engineered  to  be  natural and contribute with the nutrients intake to achieve brain performance. Jimena had been working actively with public and private system creating food programs and introducing knowledge’s to improve food industry practices and innovation.  She  has  partnered  with  the  Food  Innovation  center  of  Rutgers  University  and  their  food  science  specialist  in  other  to  development  products and  innovative  ways  to  impact  in  society  health  and  wellbeing  though  food.  In  addition she had created alliances with large private health institutions and its foundations  such  as  Horizon  Blue  Cross  Blue  Shield  to  improve  health  of  underserved  communities  through  their  healthy  programs  in  the  state  of  New Jersey , and after school program. 

Her  outstanding  work  has  lead  with  the  recognition  of  many  institutions  all  around  the  world,  and  specially  recognized  and  awarded  publicly  by  president Obama  as  social  leader  and  revolutionary  of  food  industry.  Her  title  of  the  women  revolutionizing  food  industry  has  inspired  people,  entrepreneurs  and companies  to  changes  their  practices  and  innovations  in  order  to  improve  peoples  health.    She  is  professional  in  Finance  and  international  Relationships from  the  university  Externado  of  Colombiam,  and  has  a      major  in  finance  and  minor of economics from the University of Wollongong in Australia, specializing in  environmental  economics.    She  is  advisor  of  governments  and  actively  working  with  larger  health  companies  to  and  leading  American  institutions  to improve children health performance. 



Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 12:00 PM


Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 1:00 PM


Jaharis Conference Room 254


Name: Patty Dawson
Phone: 617-636-2467


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