Friedman School Entrepreneurship Advisors

Advisors discuss the entrepreneurship contest entries
Members of the Entrepreneurship Advisor group deliberating at the Friedman School to choose the winners in the first-ever Food & Nutrition Entrepreneurship contest. 

The food system now plays the single largest role in both health and the environment, and these effects further contribute to disparities, reduced national security, strangled government budgets, and reduced competitiveness of US businesses.  We now have cutting-edge science on food and policy that allows us to begin to fix this national nutrition crisis.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are core parts of the solution.  The Friedman School is creating a hub of nutrition entrepreneurship, where students, scientists, companies small and large, Advisors, and funders can come together to create new solutions for a healthier, sustainable, equitable food supply.  Our Advisors are successful business and social entrepreneurs who provide, based on their own time and interest, guidance to the School, our amazing students and faculty, and fledgling companies; as well as to link with our rapidly growing network of other successful Advisors.

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  • Lauren Abda, MS, N12 - Founder, Co-Founder Branchfood, Branch Venture Group          
  • Carlos Barroso - President, CJB and Associates        
  • Wendy Behr - VP, Coffee and Packaging Innovation Keurig Dr. Pepper, Inc.; Member, Tufts Nutrition Council
  • Richard Black, PhD - Principal, Quadrant D Consulting; Visiting Professor, Friedman School; Quadrant D Consulting; Member, Tufts Nutrition Council
  • Michael Blau, JD – Partner, Foley and Lardner, LLP; Member, Friedman School Board of Advisors
  • Kevin Boylan - Co-Founder and Co-Chairman Veggie Grill, PowerPlant Ventures   
  • Peter Boyce II - General Catalyst      
  • Gerard Bridi - President and CEO, NutriSavings       
  • Shawn Broderick - Chief Acceleration Officer, SOSV
  • Jason Camm - Chief Medical Officer, Thiel Capital, LLC; Member, Friedman School Board of Advisors
  • Jessica Deckinger, MBA - Chief Marketing Officer, Adeo Health Science; Lecturer in Nutrition and Entrepreneurship, Tufts Gordon Institute
  • Leslie Durso - Plant Based Chef and Healthy Living Advocate, Leslie Durso Inc.         
  • Robert Egger - Founder and CEO, L.A. Kitchen    
  • Ryan Egger, MS, A14, N17 - Vice-President, Sales, Somalabs; President, Airchips USA Inc., Somalabs, Airchips USA, Inc.
  • David L. Eigen, JD - Co-Manager, P5 Health Ventures          
  • Jimena Florez - Founder and CEO, Chaak Health Snacks      
  • Neil Grimmer - Founder and CEO, Habit       
  • Jennifer Hashley, MS - Director, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project; Eisenhower Agricultural Fellow; Farm Business Planning Consultant; Co-owner Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy; MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources; Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds           
  • Michael Hebb - Teaching Fellow, University of Washington; Member, Friedman School Board of Advisors
  • Irwin Heller – Member, Mintz Levin; Member, Friedman School Board of Advisors
  • Rick Henrikson, Ph.D - CEO and Founder, Ongo Science Inc.           
  • Andrew Ive, MBA - Founder, Big Idea Ventures; Member, Tufts Nutrition Council
  • Michael Karsch  - The Juice Press, LLC; Member, Friedman School Board of Advisors
  • Zain Kassam, MD, MPH - Co-Founder & Executive VP, Clinical Development & Translational Medicine, Finch Therapeutics Group        
  • Patricia Kearney, Med, RD, G78 - President & CEO, PMK Associates, Inc.  
  • Alexander King, MBA - Director, Strategy, Insights & Analytics; Mentor, MIT Venture Mentor Service, Eastman
  • Alex Kopelyan – PharmD, Program Director, IndieBio         
  • Bill Layden - Former Founder, FoodMinds; Member, Friedman School Board of Advisors
  • Jon McIntyre, PhD - Head of Research and Development, Indigo   
  • Jim Miller - Chief Mentor, MassChallenge    
  • Danielle Nierenberg, MS, N01 – President, Food Tank
  • Fiorenzo Omenetto - Director, Silklab; Dean for Research, Tufts School of Engineering        
  • Sean O'Sullivan, BSEE - Founder and Managing Partner, SOSV; Member, Tufts Nutrition Council
  • Rebecca Parekh - Founder & CEO, THE WELL           
  • Eve Turow Paul - Consultant/Writer             
  • David Radlo, A86 - Independent Director, Partner, Executive Coach Partner, RB Markets-AchieveMost; Former Partner-Born Free, Eggland's Best & Vicam         
  • Mark Ranalli, MBA                            
  • Micah Risk, MS, N13 - Co-Founder and Head of Product, Lighter Inc.
  • Ron Shigeta, PhD – CSO, Wild Earth Pets     
  • Bob Stringer - CEO, Crimson Seed Capital, LLC         
  • Latham Thomas, HHC, AADP - Founder, Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert, Mama Glow; Member, Tufts Nutrition Council
  • Daina Trout, PhD, N07, MG07, NG07 - CEO and Co-Founder, Health-Ade  
  • Uma Valeti - CEO and Co-Founder, Memphis Meats
  • Peter Van-Dael - Senior Vice President, Nutrition Science and Advocacy, DSM Nutritional Products        
  • Matthew M. Whitney - Vice President, Business Transformation Initiatives, SYSCO Corporation 
  • Eugène Willemsen - Executive Vice President, Global Categories & Franchise Management, PepsiCo; Member, Tufts Nutrition Council
  • Jeffrey Zurofsky - CEO and Cofounder, No Small Plans, LLC; 'Wichcraft and Riverpark; Member, Tufts Nutrition Council
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