Micah Risk speaks to collaborators at a meeting
Micah Risk, N13, is co-founder of Lighter, a Boston-based startup that provides expert nutrition information, grocery lists, and personalized, plant-based meal plans. Many Friedman School graduates have been motivated to start their own business and we'd like to make sure the School can create even more opportunities for our students to thrive.

Learn About Tufts Nutrition Entrepreneurship Day!

The Friedman School's new strategic plan identified entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving as key areas of focus as the School grows and develops. We are highlighting current activities and developing new programs that foster entrepreneurship and create a climate of innovation and discovery.

Our Director of Entrepreneurship Education, Dennis Steindler, Ph.D., is leading the development of activities and initiatives that illustrate our commitment to creating a culture of entrepreneurship and discovery including:

  • Courses and programs in entrepreneurship provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills
  • Interactive workshops that focus in different aspects and applications of entrepreneurship
  • Internships in a wide variety of innovative organizations focused in nutrition, foods, food systems and agriculture
  • Mentoring by highly successful entrepreneurs, including Friedman School alumni and experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to working with Friedman School students
  • An annual student pitch competition to commence in Spring 2018
  • Potential partnerships and themed challenges with existing food accelerators
  • A new network of companies and organizations across the food space committed to an ecosystem of food entrepreneurship and innovation


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