A growing plant in the dirt is surrounding by signs of technology and information about growing patterns.


Our unique program in Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship incorporates complementary activities and initiatives that together catalyze a culture of innovation and discovery.

Entrepreneurship Impact

The winners of the 2018 Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship Competition give an update on their progress since last April.

Why Entrepreneurship?

The Friedman School's strategic plan identified entrepreneurship for a healthier, sustainable, equitable food supply as a major priority. We are gathering successful entrepreneurs to serve on our new advisory council, highlighting current activities, and developing new programs that foster entrepreneurship and create a climate of innovation and discovery. Our new Program in Nutrition Entrepreneurship creates an ecosystem around food innovation where students, scientists, companies small and large, advisors, and funders can come together to create new solutions for a healthier, sustainable, more equitable food supply.

Read more from Dean Mozaffarian on the school's culture of entrepreneurship.

Our next competition will be announced in Fall 2019, check out the competition page for more resources and information!


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