Alumni Association Award Recipients


Leadership and Expertise Award: Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, N91, NG94

Nutrition Impact Award: Elanor Starmer, F07, N07

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Cristiana Falcone Sorrell, F01, N01


Leadership and Expertise Award: Danielle Nierenberg N01

Nutrition Impact Award: Miriam Nelson PhD, N85, NG87

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Molly Uebele N12


Leadership and Expertise Award: Anna Herforth, PhD, N05

Nutrition Impact Award: Simon Barquera,PhD, N96, NG05

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Ratna Megawangi, PhD, N88, NG91


Leadership and Expertise Award: Ka He, MD, MPH, ScD, N99, MG99

Nutrition Impact Award: Roger A. Fielding, PhD, NG93

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Tatyana El-Kour, MS, RDN, N05


Leadership and Expertise Award: Sai Krupa Das, PhD, NG02

Nutrition Impact Award: Amy Myrdal Miller, MS RDN, N97

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Linda Eckerbom Cole, N06


Leadership and Expertise Award: Mary Kay Fox, MEd, N79

Innovation/”Up and Coming” Award: Andrew Halpner, PhD, NG98

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Christina D. Economos, PhD, NG96


Leadership and Expertise Award: Xiang Gao, NG05

Innovation/”Up and Coming” Award: Karen Weikel, N08

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Randa Wilkinson-Bouvier, N85


Leadership and Expertise Award: Carole Palmer, EdD, RD, AG69

Innovation/”Up and Coming” Award: Gabrielle Serra, MS, N05

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Sasha Chanoff, MA, N04, F04


Leadership and Expertise Award: Andrew Shao, PhD, N00

Expertise/Innovation Award: Daniel Hoffman, PhD, N00

Leah Horowitz Humanitarian Award: Courtney Anderson, MS, MPH, N09, M09


Leadership and Expertise Award: Aviva Must, N87, NG92, J01P, A03P

Expertise/Innovation Award: Marguerite Evans Klein, N84


Frontline Award: Xiang-Dong Wang, M.D., Ph.D. N’92

Service to the Profession Award: Melinda Downie-Maryniuk, AG79


Frontline Award: ZhiYong “Sam” Sun, NG99

Service to the Profession Award: Virginia Chomitz, N85, NG99


Frontline Award: Ram Shrestha, N90

Service to the Profession Award: Susan Holman, N83


Alumni Award for Service to the Profession and the Community: Jeanne Goldberg, Ph.D., R.D., AG59, NG86, J92P

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