Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

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NUTR 331
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Which protein source is more environmentally sustainable: chicken, tofu, or salmon? What processes in a food company’s supply chain should be targeted to reduce energy use and costs? How would shifting to nationally recommended diets impact the environment? These are a few examples of the myriad questions that can be addressed with life cycle assessment (LCA). LCA is a tool in the field of industrial ecology that quantifies the resource use and emissions of a product or system along its entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal. A central objective of this method is informing evidence-based decision-making toward sustainability by policy makers, NGOs, companies, and individuals. This course covers the intellectual foundations of LCA and provides hands-on experience applying the tool, with a focus on topics, data sources, and methodological issues relevant to food and agriculture.


Graduate standing or instructor consent. Friedman students are strongly encouraged to take this course in their second year.

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Spring 2019 21604 Wednesday 3:15pm - 6:15pm Jaharis 155 Nicole Tichenor Blackstone
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