Nutritional Epidemiology

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NUTR 305
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This course is designed for graduate students at either the Master's or Ph.D. level, who are interested in conducting or better interpreting epidemiologic studies relating diet and nutrition to health and disease. There is an increasing awareness that various aspects of diet and nutrition may be important contributing factors in chronic disease. There are many important problems, however, in the implementation and interpretation of nutritional epidemiologic studies. The purpose of this course is to examine epidemiologic methodology in relation to nutritional measures, and to review the current state of knowledge regarding diet and other nutritional indicators as etiologic factors in disease. This course is designed to enable students to better conduct nutritional epidemiologic research and/or to better interpret the scientific literature in which diet or other nutritional indicators are factors under study.



NUTR 202: Principles of Nutrition Science or equivalent, NUTR 204: Principles of Epidemiology, AND NUTR 206: Biostatistics I AND NUTR 309: Statistical Methods for Nutrition Research II OR NUTR 207: Statistical Methods for Nutrition Science and Policy AND NUTR 307: Regression Analysis For Nutrition Policy.

Terms Offered

Semester/Term SIS Number Meeting Time Location Instructors
Fall 2019 83283 Monday 1:30pm - 4:30pm Fang Fang Zhang
Fall 2018 81412 Monday 1:30pm - 4:30pm Tufts Dental, 14th Floor, Room 1414 Fang Fang Zhang
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