Food Justice: Critical Approaches in Policy and Planning

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NUTR 285

Course Description

This course will be taught by Professor Julian Agyeman, PhD, FRSA, a professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning on Tufts' Medford campus. This class offers students different lenses, such as critical race theory to see how the intersectionality of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability and citizenship play out in the development of systemic structural and socio-spatial inequities and injustices in food systems. It develops an understanding and contextualization of the role of food justice activism within the broader narrative of the alternative food movement and offers emerging ideas about how policymakers and planners can take a role in increasing food justice beyond the more mainstream and ultimately contested notions of what is "local" and "sustainable." The course will help participants chart their role(s) in advocating for 'just sustainability' as a defining factor in becoming food systems planners and policymakers. This course is cross-listed with UEP 0285.


Terms Offered

Semester/Term SIS Number Meeting Time Location Instructors
Fall 2019 83677 Tuesday 1:30pm - 4:00pm 97 Talbot Avenue, Medford Julian Agyeman, PhD, FRSA
Fall 2018 83751 Tuesday 1:30pm - 4:00pm 97 Talbot Ave, Medford Julian Agyeman, PhD, FRSA
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