Introduction to Modern Biology Techniques

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NUTR 225

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This intensive, 5-week course is designed to (1) familiarize basic science track (BMN, NEPI) students with the conceptual approaches and techniques used to study nutrition at the molecular, cell, tissue, whole organism and population levels and (2) introduce new students to the nutrition research and science culture of the HNRCA. Techniques covered include but are not limited to chromatography, mass spectrometry, cell culture and transfection, electrophoresis, immunoassays, PCR/RT-PCR, next generation sequencing (NGS), fluorescence cell sorting, microscopy, imaging techniques, bioinformatics, systems biology, data science (Big Data), and bioengineering. Web-based reading and assignments will form the basis of a weekly quiz given at the beginning of each class. Discussion of the quiz will occupy the bulk of actual class time, with student participation and creativity contributing significantly to student’s grade. This is a required course for all Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition (BMN) degree program students. The grading basis for this course is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.



Graduate standing or instructor consent.

Terms Offered

Semester/Term SIS Number Meeting Time Location Instructors
Fall 2018 81433 Tuesday 1:30pm - 3:00pm HNRCA Mezz. Conf. Rm Martin S. Obin, PhD
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