Nutrition, Health, and Disease I: Pregnancy to Adolescence

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NUTC 269
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This course examines the relationship between nutrition, health, and chronic disease spanning from pregnancy through the different stages of childhood.  Energy and nutrient requirements to support pregnancy and lactation, as well as common nutrition related concerns during this life stage are addressed. Topics in pediatric nutrition encompass nutrient needs during infancy, with an in-depth focus on growth assessment and use of standard growth charts, energy and protein requirements to sustain growth, breast milk and infant formula composition, and special needs of preterm and full term infants.  The course identifies specific nutrient requirements at the various phases of growth and development, as well as feeding practices and eating behaviors that accompany each stage. Medical nutrition therapy associated with common nutritional disorders of children with developmental disability, chronic disease, and obesity is introduced. Given the increased health risks associated with obesity, a comprehensive review of nutrition screening, diet therapy, and clinician-based education of parents and children at various age groups is provided.



Not open to Friedman degree students.

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Spring 2019 20054 N/A Online Kelly Kane, Kathy Prelack
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