Statistical Methods for Health Professionals II

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NUTB 350

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The purpose of this course is to help students gain proficiency applying statistical concepts and procedures for the analysis of health and nutrition data. Statistical analysis techniques used for the analysis of data from experimental and non-experimental research studies covered in this course will include multiple regression assumptions, diagnostics, transformations and robust standard errors, multiple logistic regression, analysis of variance and covariance and analysis of data from cluster randomized trials. In this course students critically evaluate, compare, interpret, judge, summarize and explain statistical results published in research articles in health and nutrition journals that are influencing nutrition science, research, policy, and clinical practice. Students will learn how to formulate research questions, how to identify appropriate statistical techniques, how to perform the analysis with Stata statistical software and report results in tables, text and figures.



NUTB 250 or equivalent and permission of the instructor.

This course is open only to students who are in the Blended Master of Nutrition Science and Policy Program.

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