Management of Health and Nutrition NGOs

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NUTB 0208
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Key concepts and principles for managing nutrition and health programs and organizations will be addressed to equip students to function as program directors and project managers. Case studies and readings will be used to convey a practical understanding of how to manage and coordinate business functions to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. This course will deal with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Topics will include business and project planning, management control systems, financial management, budgeting, performance measurement, pricing and marketing of services, operations management, cost analysis, human resource management, and the development of management information systems. The course is designed to provide students with practical tools.. The course is designed to develop an awareness of how each management function interacts and impacts the organization. Residencies will be comprised of lectures covering specialized topics, case discussions with student presentations, and journal discussions.


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Semester/Term SIS Number Meeting Time Location Instructors
Fall 2019 50775 N/A Hybrid In-Person/Remote N/A
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