Master of Science + WSSS Certificate

The purpose of the WSSS program is to provide the interdisciplinary perspectives and tools to manage water related problems around the world. Students participating in the WSSS program must enroll in and fulfill the requirements of a graduate degree within Friedman. The WSSS requirements are completed in addition to the student's degree requirements, but through the use of electives and co-listed courses, the WSSS program usually will not add significant time to a graduate degree program. Upon completion of these activities, students receive a Certificate in Water: Systems, Science, and Society as well as their graduate degree.

WSSS students take courses in three of four core areas and participate in cross-cutting seminars. Student in the Research Track work on interdisciplinary, problem-focused projects in one of six research areas. Students in the Practicum Track complete a Professional Interdisciplinary Experience and participate in a special WSSS Research Practicum.


Please review all the requirements and the curriculum on the WSSS web site

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