Combined Degree Programs

Approaches to the study of nutrition are varied. At Tufts, we offer several combined degree programs where a specialized training program in nutrition is combined with other approaches including training in business management; urban planning and agriculture, food and environment; international law and diplomacy; water systems,science and society; and public health.

For those students interested in such combined programs, the education and field work become integrated, saving time and money. Students must apply to each of the degree programs separately. The Friedman School currently offers the following combined degree programs.

Master of Science in Nutrition + Didactic Program in Dietetics

Master of Science in Nutrition + MPH

The program with the School of Medicine’s Public Health and Professional Degree Programs offers a combined Master of Science in Nutrition and Master of Public Health degree. This combined degree is offered in two and a half years time providing students the opportunity to pursue complementary programs and concentrations within public health and nutrition.

Master of Science + MALD

This combined degree program, offered in conjunction with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, provides an opportunity for a limited number of highly qualified students to earn both the M.A.L.D. degree and M.S. in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition in three years. Normally, each program takes two years to complete.

Master of Science + MA in UEP

This program was developed for Master of Science students in the Friedman School who are interested in ways that food policy fits into broader areas of public policy, especially community development, and for students in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning who want to apply their policy skills to agricultural, food system and nutrition issues.

Master of Science + WSSS Certificate

The purpose of the WSSS program is to provide the interdisciplinary perspectives and tools to manage water related problems around the world. Students participating in the WSSS program must enroll in and fulfill the requirements of a graduate degree within Friedman.