Division of Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition

Stefania Lamon-Fava Division Chair


Poor nutrition is one of the major causes of chronic diseases, with the associated morbidity and mortality representing a significant public health and financial burden. Optimal maintenance of health and prevention of chronic diseases require a strong understanding of how nutrients and diet patterns affect human physiology and biology. The Division of Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition Program trains students in the biochemical, physiological and molecular aspects of nutrition.  Faculty in the Division of Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition conduct human, animal, and in vitro studies to assess nutrient requirements and the role of nutrition in prevention of chronic diseases. Many faculty members in the Division conduct their research as scientists at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, a USDA-funded research center devoted to studying the role of nutrition in healthy aging. Faculty research areas include age-related muscle loss and function, dietary factors that promote or protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurodegeneration, nutrient requirements, novel nutrient functions, nutrition and immunity, nutrigenomics, and personalized nutrition.

The Division of Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition offers MS and PhD students the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding of molecular biology, cell biology, genetics and genomics. Students work closely with faculty to gain skills in scientific methods, analysis, writing and communication that will allow them to pursue careers in a variety of academic, government, business and industry sector environments.

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