Division of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Timothy Griffin Division Chair


Fusing the disciplines of nutrition, agricultural environmental sciences, economics, and public policy; faculty in the Division of Agriculture, Food, and Environment (AFE) study numerous aspects of agricultural and food systems, including environmental impacts, sustainability, and social and economic impacts. Faculty research includes modeling to assess land resources needed to support the human diet, environmental impacts on nutrient content of plants, how ‘use by’ labels on food influence food waste, the linkages between agricultural policies and diet, and impact of climate change on food production.

The MS and PhD degree programs in the Division of Agriculture, Food and Environment educate future leaders at the nexus of agriculture, food, and environmental science and policy, and empower them by providing rigorous training, an ethic of social change, and an intellectual community generating visions and models of alternative systems. Students learn to evaluate the ecological, political, economic and social aspects of food production and distribution. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to pursue a range of careers in government (municipal, state and federal), academia, civil society and non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

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