Internship, The Massachusetts Health Council

The Massachusetts Health Council is leading a multi-faceted campaign to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks and improve access to drinking water. One important part of the campaign takes place in schools where we work with school administrators, teachers and local organizations to run an educational program to make students aware of the health harms of sugary drinks and ensure they have access to clean drinking water. The education program can be tailored to each school or individual classrooms. The resources we can provide to schools include guest speakers, presentations, poster contest material, drinking water contest material, stickers, etc. We are also offering school districts the opportunity to assess the accessibility of water in their school. Students will have the opportunity to go into schools across the state and perform a “water access” study of the school. The results of the study will be compiled in a report that will be provided to the school wellness committee, superintendent and others and, where access to water is deficient, we can work with the school district to help them improve it.

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