Operational Information

The information below will help you navigate through the many functional areas at the Friedman School.

Review the tabs below for more information:

Maps and Floor Plans Facilities Requests Keys ID Card Access Trash, Recycling & Composting First Aid Kits

Maps and Floor Plans

Jaharis 1st Floor

Jaharis 2nd Floor

75 Kneeland 8th Floor

Facilities Requests & Cleaning

Requests for general maintenance, temperature control, and cleaning can be submitted to Facilities by Donmonique Chambliss.

If you notice something out of place, broken, or that should otherwise be addressed by Facilities, please let Donmonique know. If there is an urgent situation and Donmonique is unavailable, please call Facilities directly at 617-636-3535.


For new faculty and staff, Krissy Day will submit a key request in coordination with the faculty affairs office/staff hiring manager.

When faculty or staff leave the Friedman School, it is important that their keys are returned to Krissy, who will coordinate with Public Safety. For security reasons, keys are tracked with employee name and access. Do not transfer keys directly from a prior employee to a new employee.

Master keys within Jaharis are held by Cassy Whooley, Matt Hast, and Krissy Day. Master keys for the 8th floor of 75 Kneeland are held by Catherine Wright, Hollis Gesen, and Krissy Day. Public Safety is the contact for anyone who has accidentally locked themselves out of their own office and a master key holder is not available.

ID Card Access

  • Access to the 8th floor of 75 Kneeland is controlled through ID card tap access all hours of the day. Friedman School faculty, staff, and students are given access.
  • Access to Jaharis requires a Tufts ID to be tapped at the front security desk between the hours of 8am-6pm. Internal doors on the 1st and 2nd floors of Jaharis lock automatically at 6pm and unlock at 8am, requiring ID card access between 6pm-8am. Friedman School faculty, staff, and students are provided off-hours access.

The internal doors on the 1st and 2nd floor of Jaharis, and the doors securing the Friedman School space at 75 Kneeland Street should never be propped open as this is a security risk.

Questions about ID card access should be directed to Krissy Day (for staff), Elizabeth Horner (for faculty), and Isabel McFall (for students).

Trash, Recycling, and Composting

  • Always dispose of trash and recycling in appropriate containers. More information is available on the Tufts Sustainability Office website.
  • Tufts uses the Trash Buddy system. 
  • Custodial crew members will empty recycling bins from offices and workstations weekly.
  • Each employee is responsible for emptying their own trash receptacle into one of the larger bins in the common areas (emptied daily) as needed. Custodial staff will not empty individual trash bins.
  • Check out the Tufts EcoMap for battery disposal locations on the Health Sciences Campus.
  • Composting is available in each Jaharis kitchenette area as well as the Jaharis Cafe. More information is available on the Tufts Sustainability Office website.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are available in the following locations:


  • In the 1st floor supply closet (Jaharis 139)
  • In Jaharis 274

75 Kneeland:

  • In the CO180 copy/print/supplies area
  • In the supply closet 842A

Conference and Study Rooms Room Expectations Kitchens and Lounges Restrooms

Conference and Study Rooms

For room booking needs for meetings, interviews, study sessions, and TA or faculty office hours, please contact friedmanrooms@tufts.edu. Inviting a room to a meeting will result in a bounce-back email; it will not reserve the room for you.

For quiet study needs, a member of the Office for Student Affairs can help point students to the most appropriate place in Jaharis, 75 Kneeland, or Sackler.

Conference Room


Whiteboard ShareLink Wireless Connection Laptop Connectors Conference Phone Podium PC Video Capability Phone Number
Jaharis 133 12 X X X X   X 617-636-3611
Jaharis 215 3 X           617-636-4058
Jaharis 219 4 X           617-636-0872
Jaharis 236B 5 X           617-636-3507
Jaharis 254 16 X X X X X X 617-636-3610
Jaharis 266 6 X X X X   X 617-636-3546
Jaharis 272 36 X X X X X X 617-636-3547
75 Kneeland 835 26 X X X X X X 617-636-3517
75 Kneeland 844 10 X X X X   X 617-636-2146
75 Kneeland 854 10 X X X X   X 617-636-2150
75 Kneeland 807A 2 X           617-636-2102
75 Kneeland 807B 2 X           617-636-0996
75 Kneeland 811A 3 X           617-636-2134
75 Kneeland 811B 3 X           617-636-2139

Note that Jaharis 272 is the dean’s conference room. Staff and faculty may use it when available, but may be relocated if the room is needed by the dean.

Conference Room Expectations

Please remember that we all share the conference rooms, and they are used in quick succession, so it is important to leave them ready for the next group to use.   

When using a conference room, remember to leave the room in a presentable state:

  • Clean up and remove all food, cups, dishes, plasticware, napkins, platters, etc*
  • Push in chairs
  • Remove any stray papers/meeting materials from table
  • Return A/V and WebEx cheat sheets, extra adapters, and camera remotes to the clear plastic organizer on the wall (sometimes found behind the door) and/or in cabinets
  • Turn A/V system off from the wall or from the table control console
  • Turn lights off
  • Reopen window shades if they were closed for the meeting
  • Please use only the room that has been scheduled for you
  • When entering/exiting conference rooms, please be aware of and respectful of the people who sit next nearby

*If your meeting requires prep or cleanup, consider reserving the room for a few minutes before and/or after the actual meeting time.

Kitchens and Lounges

The kitchenettes and lounge spaces are shared community spaces. Donmonique Chambliss monitors kitchen supplies and ensures they are stocked.

Please respect the other people using these spaces by keeping the spaces clean and organized. 

  • Wipe up spills and crumbs on counters and in fridges immediately. Paper towels and disinfecting wipes are available in each kitchen.
  • Dirty dishes left in sinks or on counters may be thrown away without notice.
  • Unlabeled food left in refrigerators may be thrown away without notice. Please label your food and remove any containers or leftovers in a timely manner.
  • Moldy/rotten food, even if labeled, may be thrown away without notice.
  • If refrigerating leftovers from a meeting or event, please label the food and ensure someone is designated as a contact to remove remaining food after a certain number of days.

If there is an urgent situation and Donmonique and Krissy are unavailable, please call Facilities directly at 617-636-3535.


The restrooms on each floor are also shared community spaces. Please respect the other people using these spaces by keeping them clean and organized. If you notice any issues with cleanliness or functionality, please let Donmonique Chambliss know so she can coordinate with Facilities to address the issue.

Both the women's room and men's room on the 8th floor of 75 Kneeland Street require a code to unlock the door for security. Current occupants can share the code, as can Donmonique or Krissy. Be sure to only share the code with people with whom you are familiar, since the locks are security measures.

If there is an urgent situation and Donmonique and Krissy are unavailable, please call Facilities directly at 617-636-3535.

Web & Comm Office A/V & WebEx Phones Chat Copy/Print Scan Ship Mail Fax Elists

Web & Communications Office

Visit their page to learn more about who the WebComm team is and what they do.

For for help with press releases and external media queries, please contact the PR Office on the Boston Health Sciences Campus. Learn more on the media page.

Audio/Visual Systems and WebEx

The TTS Knowledge and Learning office created reference materials for our conference room A/V systems and for using WebEx. Laminated copies are available in each room. A comprehensive WebEx guide is also available at it.tufts.edu/firstwebex


The Friedman School uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones. Instructions and reference materials are available on the TTS VoIP site. When dialing out, remember to dial the full 10-digit number (617-636-XXXX), not just the last 5 digits (6-XXXX).


Cisco Jabber is available for Friedman School community members, including an instant chat function.

Copying and Printing

Machine names and locations


  • 1st floor print/copy area 120
    • Rutabaga: Konica black and white multifunction             
    • Celery: Color printer
    • Cauliflower: Color printer
  • 2nd floor outside rooms 237/238
    • Jalapeño: Konica black and white multifunction, color multifunction      
  • Alcove near 2nd floor stairs and 208 faculty/staff lounge
    • Kale: Konica black and white multifunction
    • Parsnip: Black and white printer

75 Kneeland:

  • Print/copy area 833
    • Cucumber: Konica color multifunction  
  • Print/copy room 842B
    • Cilantro: Konica color multifunction     

Secure Print

Our communal Konica Minolta multifunction machines (Jalapeño, Kale, Rutabaga, Cilantro, Cucumber) have a secure print function available. This function allows you to print a confidential or sensitive document to one of these machines with a delayed print; it will not print until you walk over to the machine and enter a code. This function is especially helpful for anyone printing an exam, budget, or salary information.

Directions on how to use this function are found on the Tufts Finance site.

Black and White vs Color

Color printing and copying is 4 times the cost of black and white printing and copying. Please be thoughtful about what you print/copy to color and ensure it absolutely needs to be in color. Setting defaults should be to black and white.

Reminder - Be Green!

Only print what you actually need. Pick up what you print from the printer. Unclaimed printouts left at the printers will be recycled.


The Konica Minolta multifunction machines include scanners, and the machines with color copy/print capacity can scan in color as well.

Secure scanning is available.


Tufts has negotiated reduced shipping rates with UPS. Online processing must be used. Refer to the directions for processing a shipment. 

Drop boxes are located in Jaharis, Sackler, and M&V.

All old paper forms should be recycled.

Any questions should be directed to Luke Duffney in the Tufts Purchasing Office and/or Paul Carr at UPS (877-593-1053 x2112).


Physical mail inboxes are located in the print/copy area 120 in Jaharis, and in the print/copy area 833 and room 842A at 75 Kneeland.

Outgoing mail is picked up by Tufts mailroom staff each morning from the same areas as the inboxes, as well as from Jaharis room 274. Mail includes:

  • Mail with postage already applied
  • Tufts interoffice mail in interoffice envelopes
  • Unposted mail with a note indicating the deptID/grant to which the postage will be charged. Unmarked mail will not be picked up. 

Outgoing posted mail is also picked up from the USPS box outside the Tufts Medical Center Farnsworth Building at 171 Harrison Ave. (at Bennet Street) each afternoon.

The closest USPS location is 7 Avenue de Lafayette, about a 5-7 minute walk from Jaharis or 75 Kneeland Street.

Fax Machines

There are fax machines located in Jaharis 129 and 274.


Tufts' elist login will allow you to manage the lists to which you are subscribed. There are many elists to which faculty, staff, and students are automatically subscribed for business reasons.

Below are the general Friedman School elists that are used for communication:

List Address List Use Who is added automatically Contact(s)
primaryfacultyfriedman@elist.tufts.edu Related to all faculty Friedman School unmodified, research, Professor of the Practice, and HNRCA faculty appointment holders Elizabeth Horner
friedmanbasedfaculty@elist.tufts.edu Related to Friedman School based faculty only Friedman School unmodified, research, and Professor of the Practice appointment holders Elizabeth Horner
friedman.associated.faculty@elist.tufts.edu Related to associated faculty only Adjunct, visiting, and clinical faculty Elizabeth Horner
hnrcabasedfaculty@elist.tufts.edu Related to HNRCA faculty appointment holders only HNRCA faculty appointment holders only Elizabeth Horner
friedmanpostdocs@elist.tufts.edu Related to postdocs only Postdoctoral scholars Elizabeth Horner, Sara Folta
friedmanallstudents@elist.tufts.edu Related t students only Students Office of Student Affairs
friedmanstaff@elist.tufts.edu Related to staff only Staff (including postdocs) Krissy Day
friedmanstaffmeetings@elist.tufts.edu Related to administrative staff meetings Administrative staff; budget center, HR, Advancement, Public Relations contacts Krissy Day, Patty Dawson
jaharis1stfloor@elist.tufts.edu Related only to occupants of Jaharis 1st floor Occupants of Jaharis 1st floor Krissy Day
jaharis2ndfloor@elist.tufts.edu Related only to occupants of Jaharis 2nd floor Occupants of Jaharis 2nd floor Krissy Day
75kneeland8thfloor@elist.tufts.edu Related only to occupants of 75 Kneeland 8th floor Occupants of 75 Kneeland 8th floor Krissy Day
payroll-semimonthlystaff@elist.tufts.edu Monthly reminders to submit time off taken Exempt staff Krissy Day
payroll-weeklystaff@elist.tufts.edu Weekly reminders to submit timesheets Non-exempt staff Krissy Day, Cassy Whooley

Additionally, there are multiple program- and division-specific elists managed through the Office of Student Affairs, Program Directors, and Division Chairs.

Studio Space & Cameras

The Friedman School has a sound-proof recording studio room in Jaharis that is made for live TV hookups and can also be configured to create audio/visual content. Limited support is provided for the equipment, but for the most part post-production service cannot be provided regularly. We also have a Canon Rebel camera and an HD Sony video camera with accompanying microphones. Learn more about the studio and about available communications tools.


For your convenience, we have two staff members who are certified notary publics. To have something notarized, please contact Patty Dawson or Hollis Gesen.


Tufts has created a portal that may be helpful to you as you navigate Tufts. Visit AccessTufts.

Helpful Resources

Safety Basics

For on-campus emergencies, contact Tufts Police at 617-627-6911 or call 911 for off-campus emergencies.

  • Ensure your emergency contact information is updated within eServe (Self Service -- Personal Information -- Emergency Contacts).
  • Consider sharing your emergency contact information with your supervisor and/or colleagues.
  • Ensure your contact information is included in and updated in the TuftsAlert system.
  • Within Friedman School spaces:
    • Ask anyone you don’t know if you can help direct them. If you feel comfortable doing so, inform them that Friedman School spaces are private and are for faculty, staff, students, and visitors only.
    • Contact security as relevant.
    • Ensure doors close fully behind you.
    • Do not prop doors open or let people in who you don’t know.
  • Fire drill meeting locations:
    • For Jaharis-based faculty, staff, and students: Gather in front of the St. James Church between Sackler and Kneeland Street.
    • For 75 Kneeland-based faculty, staff, and students: Gather at the corner of Hudson and Kneeland Streets, in front of the building with the “Welcome to Chinatown” sign.

Non-Emergency Threats

  • The Tufts Threat Assessment and Management (TTAM) Program was created to evaluate violence and threats of violence. You can report concerns and information to the TTAM team via their website.

Risk Reduction and Safety Precautions

TUPD recommends the following risk reduction and safety precautions:

  • Remain alert and observant of the people around you.
  • If you think someone is following you, avoid entering an isolated area and move quickly toward a public area such an open store or restaurant. Don’t be afraid to call out for help.
  • Stick to well-lit and well-travelled routes and walk with friends whenever possible.
  • Utilize the SafeRide service. Members of the Boston Health Sciences campus can dial Tufts Police at 617-636-6610.
  • Program the Tufts Police number into your cell phone so you will be prepared in an emergency: 617-627-6911.
  • Report any suspicious persons or circumstances to Tufts Police immediately at 617-627-6911 or 911.

Commuting Programs, Options, and Benefits

Learn about commuting benefits for faculty and staff through Tufts Human Resources.

Learn about sustainable commuting options and programs in the Boston Commuter Brochure from the Tufts Sustainability Office.


Options for daily and monthly parking are outlined in documents from the TSS Parking Office. The office can be contacted at 617-636-5580.

The security staff at the front desk in Jaharis have a validation stamp for the Tufts Medical Center garage and will validate parking for Friedman School visitors. The validation stamp reduces the full-day parking rate from $36 to $21.


  • Register your bike on the Tufts Pubic Safety website. Once registered, go to the Tufts Public Safety office to tag your bike. 
  • You then can go to the Tremont Street Garage and pay $3/year for a key to a cage below the garage. 
  • There are bike racks in front of Sackler and Posner on Harrison Ave. 
  • More information on biking at Tufts
  • While Tufts does not currently have a partnership with Bluebikes, it may still be a good option for Friedman School community members to explore.
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