Public Impact

Public Impact

Five Tufts Researchers Are Among World’s Most Influential

Work by these scientists is most frequently cited by their colleagues....

Five Tufts researchers have been named to Thomson Reuters' 2015 list of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds. The list recognizes the top thinkers in 21 fields who between 2003 and 2014 published the most papers cited highly by other scientists. “When peers read and cite the work they find the most useful and significant, it is a concrete, quantifiable marker of esteem,” the report notes. Thomson Reuters is a multinational media and information company.

Friedman Seminar: Digging Deep: Creative Expressions on Food Justice

This Friedman Seminar features four Boston-area community leaders, telling their stories about how food justice has played a role in their lives and work: "Digging Deep: Creative Expressions on Food Justice." This seminar was held on February 24, 2016.

In the words of researcher and storyteller Dr. Brené Brown, "Stories are just data with a soul." Stories are a way to elucidate different points of view, highlight unique perspectives, and provide depth to our understanding of the world.

IMMANA Fellowships

The 12-month IMMANA Fellowships aim to create a cadre of emerging leaders in Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health research.

Dangerous Drinks

In public health circles, it’s often called the low-hanging fruit. If people could just kick the sugar-sweetened beverage habit, it would make a huge dent in the number of empty calories they consume. Sugary drinks often have no nutrients other than sugar, so it’s a simple cut-it-out message that even kids can understand—no fussing with fiber grams or glycemic index rankings, no shopping for fruits and vegetables.

Smart Food Choices for Seniors

Eating right as an older adult takes a bit more effort. Even if you stay the same weight as you age, you have less lean muscle mass and your metabolism slows down, which means you need fewer calories than you once did. At the same time, your nutrient needs stay the same or even increase. Your body may have trouble absorbing certain nutrients, such as B12 and magnesium.

That’s why making every bite count is even more important for seniors.

Malawi Dietetics Program Accredited

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition takes great pleasure in announcing the launch of a new clinical nutrition dietetics program in Malawi.

Innovation Against Infection

Tufts combines scientific expertise with an understanding of social conditions to combat a waterborne scourge in Ghana. 
Learn more at Tufts Institute of Innovation (TII):
Schistosomiasis case study:
Water infrastructure case study: 

Friedman Seminar with Irwin Rosenberg

Video | Topics: Public Impact
This Friedman Seminar features Irwin Rosenberg, presenting a talk titled "Folic Acid Fortification Benefit and Risk goes Global: A case study in science/policy mistranslation." This seminar was originally held on 3/30/2016.

The CARE Study

Research Project/Initiative/Internship | Topics: Healthy Communities and Behavior Change, Public Impact | Programs: Nutritional Epidemiology

What influences cancer survivors’ eating patterns? Our research team at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University is conducting a survey to understand cancer survivors’ nutritional needs and the challenges they face in making healthy food choices.

A Message from Alison Brown - Thank you!

Doctoral candidate Alison Brown thanks the Friedman community for helping her work on projects that make an impact.

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