Healthy Communities and Behavior Change

Healthy Communities and Behavior Change

TEDx Somerville - Consumers, Food, Policy, and Health

TEDxSomerville 2014 

Dr. Sean Cash gave this short talk at a local TEDx event describing his work looking at how kids spend money on food, and trying to get them to spend it on healthier items in Boston-area convenience stores. 



Alison Brown

Alison Brown’s research interests focus on public health nutrition and the development of culturally appropriate nutrition interventions.  Under the advisement and mentorship of Dr.

The CARE Study

Research Project/Initiative/Internship | Topics: Healthy Communities and Behavior Change, Public Impact | Programs: Nutritional Epidemiology

What influences cancer survivors’ eating patterns? Our research team at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University is conducting a survey to understand cancer survivors’ nutritional needs and the challenges they face in making healthy food choices.

A Message from Alison Brown - Thank you!

Doctoral candidate Alison Brown thanks the Friedman community for helping her work on projects that make an impact.

Friedman Student Alison Brown Wins the 2014 Tufts University's Presidential Award

Tufts University's Presidential Award for Citizenship and Public Service annually recognizes outstanding civic achievement across Tufts schools. Alison Brown, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, N14, was among the 2014 recipients.

A Closer Look at Children's Physical Activity Patterns

Children are far from meeting national guidelines for physical activity, and girls are at greatest risk of falling short of recommendations according to a study measuring the physical activity of 453 schoolchildren in Massachusetts during a one-week period.

Restaurant kids’ meals make nutrition strides, but leave room for improvement

Majority of children’s meal combinations at leading restaurants meet calorie criteria, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

Healthy Scouts, Healthy Communities

For nearly 40 years The Friedman School has created leaders in nutrition, with a focus on building programs to affect real change toward healthier neighborhoods and communities. ChildObesity180 (CO180) is one of many successful initiatives grown out of Friedman's fertile ground. Bringing together the top leaders from business, academia, non-profits, and the scientific community, CO180 has proven that creating sustainable, scalable strategies to reduce and reverse childhood obesity can, and should, take an entire village.

Will Masters: Randomized Trials of Everyday Choices

Randomized trials of everyday choices: A micro-lecture on frontiers of research at the Friedman School, explaining how we have started using economic incentives and nudges to randomize behaviors that occur at home in daily life. These everyday choices cannot normally be tested in clinical trials, but include many of the most important actions people can take to improve nutrition and health. The example discussed here is weighing yourself at home every day. Does that help people lose weight? The answer: yes, for those who stick with it. But that's just a pilot result. This same research technique can be used for many future trials.

Snack It Up Phase II

Snack It Up Phase II is a program that seeks to improve fruit and vegetable intake for children outside of school.

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