Global Nutrition

Global Nutrition

Shibani Ghosh

Shibani Ghosh is a public health nutritionist with over 15 years of experience working in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. She is the Associate Director for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition at Tufts University, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Friedman School, and a Senior Scientist at the Nevin Scrimshaw International Nutrition Foundation.

Understanding Agriculture to Nutrition Linkages: A Rapidly Moving Agenda

This video is of Shibani Ghosh's presentation "Production Diversity and Women's Dietary Diversity in Nepal" given September 30th in Washington DC.

Nutrition Innovations in Bangladesh

In the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, producing enough fruits and vegetables as well as storing fish in ways that are both affordable and safe pose many challenges. To tackle these problems, the Nutrition and Horticulture Innovation Labs have joined together to implement three unique aquaculture and horticulture technologies.

Will Masters: How the Race Against Malthus is Changing

How the race against Malthus is changing: This 15 minute micro-lecture describes the global nutrition transition from more food to better food, and the crucial differences between regions that determine how quickly each country can escape the Malthusian threat of rising rural populations on a fixed land area.

4th Annual Symposium on Agriculture to Nutrition in Nepal

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition has launched the 4th Annual Agriculture to Nutrition Scientific Symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal: "Minding the Gaps Along the Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathway." This symposium is a platform to share research findings, program evaluations, and evidence-based policy initiatives on multi-sectoral approaches to improve the nutrition and health of people in Nepal.

Catalyzing Innovation and Collaboration

Each year, Tufts Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President sponsors two seed grant programs, Tufts Collaborates and Tufts Innovates; sparking research collaboration among disparate faculty members, and catalyzing innovative ideas for learning and teaching across campus. 

How Do You Measure Collaboration?

How do you measure collaboration?

Robin Shrestha, N15, regional project manager for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition, also known as the Nutrition Innovation Lab, has helped conduct research that encompasses this fundamental question. The highly anticipated findings were presented by Shrestha’s colleagues in July 2016 at the 4th Annual Scientific Symposium in Nepal.

Ellen Messer

Ellen Messer is a biocultural anthropologist specializing in food, security, religion, and human rights.  She has taught anthropology of food, health, religion, human rights, and international development at George Washington University, Brandeis University, Tufts University, Brown University, Wheaton College, and Yale University.

Shaping the Global Nutrition Agenda

Friedman students tasked to represent views of North America in a global dialogue in Rome: Young scientists actively involved in UN priority-setting around the global actions needed to achieve healthy diets and nutrition

A Call to Action

The first global analysis of complementary foods marketed in lower-income countries highlights the need for basic quality assurance services to improve nutritional consistency and reduce childhood malnutrition.

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