Food Security and Humanitarian Crisis

Food Security and Humanitarian Crisis

Friedman Seminar with Francesco Branca

This Friedman Seminar features Francesco Branca, Director of the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development in the World Health Organization, presenting "Nutrition for Sustainable Development." This seminar was held on February 17, 2016.

Friedman Seminar with Dean Spears

This Friedman Seminar features Dean Spears, presenting a talk titled "Why are Children in India So Short? What Toilets, Moms, and Families Have to Do with Child Nutrition". This seminar was originally held on 3/2/2016.

Friedman Seminar with Nabeeha M. Kazi

This Friedman Seminar features Nabeeha M. Kazi, presenting a talk titled "Driving Action, Accountability and Impact for a Zero Hunger World". This seminar was originally held on 3/9/2016.

Friedman Seminar with Karen Jacobsen

This Friedman Seminar features Karen Jacobsen, presenting a talk titled "Understanding Urban Settings – Developing an Information Toolkit for Humanitarian Agencies through Academic-Practitioner Partnerships." This seminar was originally held on 3/16/2016.

Shibani Ghosh

Shibani Ghosh is a public health nutritionist with over 15 years of experience working in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. She is the Associate Director for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition at Tufts University, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Friedman School, and a Senior Scientist at the Nevin Scrimshaw International Nutrition Foundation.

Cash Transfer Programming for Syrian Refugees

Karen Jacobsen, acting director of the Feinstein International Center, recently published a new report concerning optimization of cash transfer programs (CTPs) in humanitarian contexts. 

The publication, titled "Cash Transfer Programming for Syrian Refugees: Lessons Learned on Vulnerability, Targeting, and Protection from the Danish Refugee Council's E-Voucher Intervention in Southern Turkey," provides insight into three key components of CTPs:

Friedman Seminar: Dan Maxwell

This Friedman Seminar features Daniel Maxwell, presenting a talk titled "Toward the World Humanitarian Summit." This seminar was originally held on 4/6/2016.

Understanding Agriculture to Nutrition Linkages: A Rapidly Moving Agenda

This video is of Shibani Ghosh's presentation "Production Diversity and Women's Dietary Diversity in Nepal" given September 30th in Washington DC.

Nutrition Innovations in Bangladesh

In the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, producing enough fruits and vegetables as well as storing fish in ways that are both affordable and safe pose many challenges. To tackle these problems, the Nutrition and Horticulture Innovation Labs have joined together to implement three unique aquaculture and horticulture technologies.

Parke Wilde: Food Security in the United States

Parke Wilde, associate professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, reviews modern survey-based household food security measurement in the United States. The survey-based approach is described as just one option in a spectrum of methods for understanding the prevalence and severity of food insecurity and hunger. The talk concludes by mentioning a useful role for both market-based and policy-based efforts to reduce food insecurity and hunger.

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