Chronic Diseases and Healthy Aging

Chronic Diseases and Healthy Aging

John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Prevention

In 1999, Dr. Miriam Nelson founded the Center for Physical Fitness within the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, under the guidance and support of Dean Irwin Rosenberg. The Center, while initially small, had big goals – to improve the physical activity patterns and fitness of Americans.

Paul F. Jacques

Paul Jacques' research focuses on the role of diet on metabolic markers of diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk, with an emphasis on whole grains, low fat dairy and flavonoids; the impact of FDA-mandated folic acid fortification of enriched cereal-grain products on folate status and health of Americans, with an emphasis on the effect of high folate intake in the presence of low vitamin B12 status; and the relation between dietary patterns, diet quality and risk of chronic disease.

Joel B. Mason

Research focus: 1-carbon nutrients: modulation of carcinogenesis, Obesity: modulation of carcinogenesis, Colonic microbiome and carcinogenesis.

Research Impact: Coconut Oil

A new inter-disciplinary study led by researchers at Tufts University found that coconut oil effectively controlled the overgrowth of a fungal pathogen called Candida albicans (C. albicans) in mice. In humans, high levels of C. albicans in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to bloodstream infections, including invasive candidiasis.

Stay Active for a Healthy Heart

People in their 70s can likely lower their risk of stroke and heart attack with regular moderate exercise such as walking, according to a Tufts study, which provides some of the first evidence that continuing to exercise as we age really does make a difference.

The cause of nearly a third of all deaths, cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. In the United States, more than a third of all adults have some form of the disease, including about half of people over age 60.

Renata Micha

Dr. Micha is a registered clinical dietician, public health nutritionist and epidemiologist whose research focuses on the effects of diet on chronic diseases, mainly cardiometabolic diseases, and on population strategies to improve diet, utilizing multiple research paradigms. She has particular interest and experience in global dietary assessment among various population subgroups, identifying causal diet-disease relationships, quantifying and modeling the impact of dietary habits on chronic diseases, and evaluating the comparative effectiveness of dietary policies. 

Gitanjali Singh

Gitanjali Singh, MPH, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University.  Her research focuses on quantifying the relationships between diet and cardiometabolic disease in the context of the global nutrition transition, and on understanding how this transition contributes to health disparities worldwide.  Dr.

Friedman Seminar: Dr. Simin Nikbin Meydani

This Friedman Seminar features Simin Nikbin Meydani, speaking on the topic of "Nutrition, Inflammation, Immunity, and Healthspan" This seminar was held on March 11th, 2015.

Friedman Seminar: Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH

Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH, and dean, Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy speaks about the global priorities and policies needed to improve cardiometabolic health. This seminar was held on September 10th, 2014.

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